2014 Summer Report and Photographs

First of all a big thank you to John Fitzgerald and Jim Pike for organising and successfully running the summers competitions. This year the Reliant Trophy and Eleanor McCraw were played in the morning of roll up days, Tuesday and Thursday. This proved very successful with the majority of the twenty-eight plus entries taking part in both competitions Sincere thanks to Ron Lloyd who has worked brilliant and tirelessly throughout the summer supporting John and Jim.

In July John and Jim decided to give playing across the green a try. It was very much better and until something is done with the carpet problems, it will be continued. Just to let you know Anthony has had green experts in and with luck something will be done. Watch this space.!!!!!

Early in June the members of the Motor Caravan Club (MCC) were staying on Los Gallardos campsite. Stuart Beetham and John Fitzgerald challenged them to a competition. Although there was a mixture of bowlers and non-bowlers an enjoyable  competition between there’s and our ladies against our men and theirs was played. The Ladies won with the help of Mike Hendry (Michelle) and Terry Rogers (Theresa) who batted for the other side. Full report is on our website   

The Reliant Trophy (Drawn Triples) was shortened to nine weeks. The top six players who had achieved their best scores from a minimum twelve games played. The teams were drawn for the final on Friday 11th JulyThe worthy winners were John Fitzgerald, Jim Pike and Ron Lloyd beating another strong team, Wayne Roberts, Chris Ewer and Terry Rogers. The presentation done by our Lady Captain, Eileen Phoenix

 The Eleanor McCraw (Drawn Pairs) was also shortened as with The Reliant Trophy. This time the top four players from minimum eleven games were drawn to play the final on 14th July. This year there was a draw between Jim Pike and Wayne Roberts. It was agreed by players as there were no rules to cover this, that a two end play off was carried out. Both played well, Jim won.

The final was won by John Fitzgerald and Maureen Sheriff against Jim Pike and Brian Thompson. An exciting  close game, with a well done to Maureen who gained her first win in an ABC competition.

In addition to the above, John ran with the help of Jim a Crown Green Competition. The games took place o  Friday’s 23rd May and 18th July.  On the 23rd eight drawn pairs played in a competition where teams had to reach a pre-determined score. Overall winners were Shelagh Allen (who took Terry Rodgers place) and Carol Roberts. Second was Jim Pike and Sandra Brown with John Fitzgerald and Ron Lloyd third. The competition on the 18th was won by  

With most competitive games now finished the break in August will be a welcome break for players suffering!!!!  the very high temperatures. Roll ups will still take place. This was a successful summer with John and Jim getting good support from all. Special mentions for Stuart Beetham officiating the Eleanor McCraw, for the taking of photographs. For Eileen and Stuart for presenting trophies. For John who kept the caterers going with lots of fish and chip sessions after specific games. And not to forget Jim and Ron Lloyd for keeping the carpet alive.

 Finally a big thank you for Stuart and John for keeping me updated on the various competitions etc. Most of these you can read in more detail on our website.  www.bowlingalmeria.com  We are  now looking forward to coming back to Spain in September /October to enjoy the winter bowling.

Vic Parsons

Press Officer






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  1. shedallen@btinternet.com says:

    Well done to everybody it sounds like you all had a good summer ,I am looking forward to the winter season now . Keep up the good work.

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