2015 ALBC Palace Cup ( Handicap Singles)

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  1. John n Lin Burgess says:

    Thanks for the reminder Vic, John has his name down, will add mine tomorrow, thanks

  2. India says:

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  3. – Oooooo girl, I’m feeling you on this post. I don’t have kids so no such excuse, but I still find myself “hustling” every single day. Projects get abandoned, my blog gets left unattended. I’m averaging a post a month. I’m eternally amazed by the way some bloggers just manage to do it all and do it well. I’m glad they do though, because for a virtual shut in like me…a good blog post is inspiring. So here’s to the “HUSTLE” and to gals just trying to do their thing:)

  4. Claro que o Linux é muito bom, sem dúvidas um dos melhores sistemas operacionais já criados. Só que faltam algumas ferramentas para o Linux que existem em “milhões” de quantidades no Windows, foi isso que eu falei anteriormente em um post de redes: Windows vs Linux. Abraço, e parabéns pelo post.

  5. sep28 Hasta cuando los hombres son presentados en la midia tan inteligentes y ditosos, pero las mujeres focadas como esclavas?!Ya es hora de esta situación cambiar! Si, no podremos viver la vida intera com súditas de los machos;abajo al machismo en la midia y en la rutina!

  6. http://www./ says:

    con lam mut xoai thanh cong do co Lan, ba me con khen du lun ^^. Nhung con lam mut cam ko co ranh nghe dc giong co, an dang nghet ah. Bua nao con du kien nhan con thu lam lai xem.

  7. Buon giorno a tutti..azz Nisida… non temi la scaramanzia.. eheheh io stasera partirei con centrocampo più folto, insomma giocherei in avanti con Hamsik e una staffetta Pandev/Insigne…

  8. http://www./ says:

    yeah, it’s just a little irritating since they’ve put up an ‘online reservation’ form on their site yet they won’t respond to emails. calling them up is a problem for me since i’m currently travelling in asia (calling them from a different timezone is really tricky). oh well. good luck with your hostels 🙂

  9. http://www./ says:

    you guys are retards, germany had little amounts of soldiers, they kicked ass, they were only destroyed by the pure numbers of the enemy, they didnt have 18.2 million soldiers, you must be retarded, they had somewhat close too 1 million, your filled up with american propaganda that spits on the facts, but if you look it up germany had the best soldiers, they destroyed, ive been to america once, america is so full of shit, well the people are.

  10. http://www./ says:

    resultados también indican que en 2009 las mujeres cobraron de media un 78% del sueldo de los hombres, un porcentaje que representa un -0,1% en relación a los datos de 2008. Las desigualdades son

  11. http://www./ says:

    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost impossible.

  12. Ich hab mich mal wieder auf ein Stöckchen eingelassen … ich Depp … Stellt sich natürlich für den regelmäßigen Leser dieses Blogs die Frage wie ich als bekennender

  13. Egregio Sig.Ziliani, non sarò un grandissimo intenditore di bollicine, ma se davvero ha bevuto questo vino e le è davvero piaciuto tanto, perde la stima che ho per lei come intenditore di vini.E’ corto, cortissimo, torbido, con una vena amara che lo fa stonare con qualunque abbinamento… Mah…

  14. http://www./ says:

    Debi,I’m so glad you finished your beautiful blouse. For me it was like reading a really good book and I’m glad I got to see the final piece! It’s stunning and looks lovely on you!I love seeing all you found in San Francisco, would that be “score” or what?! Hope you have a blast in NYC today and I would imagine you are headed home to David, safe travels!

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