2010 Millenium Trophy Report

This Millennium Invitation Club Triples is a new competition replacing the original, ‘Millennium Invitation Rinks’ when three teams of ‘Fours’ were invited from all of our local bowling clubs to play a one day round –robin format competition.
The change is in the year 2000 when the Competition began, clubs were a lot less populated and reasonably easy to implement without upsetting other members who weren’t invited as one of the three teams. Times have also changed in as much local clubs have developed different in house fixtures of their own. This was the opportunity for this year to include the fixture for our members only. A decision will be made in due course whether this competition will continue in this way.
Wednesday 14th April twelve teams of any combination of men and ladies triples were ‘invited’ to compete in three games of ten ends in a round-robin competition. Points were given for winning each end won and for winning the game. A fee was paid on entry and then all monies collected, awarded in prizes for the first three teams who scored the most points. If scores were equal, shot difference would apply.
The competition began on time with the first of ten end games in spite of light rain falling. Although at times rain was quite heavy during the second game, the competition continued with members playing in good spirits and appeared to be accepting the conditions. When after lunch the last game of ten ends was played, the acceptance turned into joy with glorious sunshine to end a very nice days bowling.
This was even better for the clear winners, our Captain, Jim Pike with Terry Rodgers and Ann Tuplin. As shot difference separated the leaders and second place team of Graham and Catherine Patrick with Jim Anderson, Graham’s team were disappointed they couldn’t stop Jim’s team who they played in the last game, gaining three shots on the last end. of the day Third place were Chris Ewer, Mike and Rhona Hendry. As a bit of fun for attending, ‘you know what I mean’ Tom and Ann Noble with Eileen Hunter received an unplanned extra prize.
Jim as usual was in good form awarding the prize apart from the winners, which yours truly presented to Jim.

Whilst writing you might remember in March I wrote a report on the Frank Sharpe Drawn Rinks Competition. I stated that  the bowling and golf shop ‘Full Swing’ was no longer sponsoring the competition with tokens for the finalists. I must apologize for this as I’ve since learnt that the family had never said or implied this was the case. My source of information was incorrect and once again on the behalf of ALBC, I apologize.

Vic Parsons
ALBC Press Officer

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