2015 CALB Fours KO


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   Please press link to view: 2015 CALB Fours Knockout Report. pressdoc

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7 Responses

  1. Reg Birmingham says:

    As usual Vic a very good report keep up the good work

  2. Chris Parkinson says:

    Well done to John & his Team , I Really enjoyed the day thanks to Tony & team also x. Chris P.

  3. Well done john and team. Thaks for the report Vic.Chris & Sandra

  4. allan daecon says:

    Great report Vic, well done Johns team,

  5. Ken & Ruth Richardson says:

    Great to read about what’s happening in Spain. Well done to all. We will back for a couple of weeks on the 16th Dec for some sunshine. Cheers. Ken

  6. John&Linda says:

    Thank you for the update see you over the weekend

  7. Sylvia.Pritchard says:

    Good report as usual vic see you soon

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