2016 St Patrick Day 2

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7 Responses

  1. Leighton and Julie says:

    Many thanks, really enjoyable day

  2. Nevaeh says:

    On est passé en librairie hier (le 8/11 donc) en disant « tiens on dirait le livre du blog à boire et à marpqn&nbsg;&raeuo;… On l’a acheté et on s’est demandé si c’était le premier ! On l’a donc eu en avant première, et naïvement en plus !?

  3. Beyonce says:

    23eThe piece about the brdaftseeeing mom who was confronted in a Houston area Target store made me mad. I am a Lactation Consultant in the Houston area. I have already emailed the Target corporation about this, and have told them that I will not shop at Target anymore (I love my area Target). Perhaps if the Target corporation got lots of emails about this, they would reconsider their position. If anyone is interested in emailing, the information is:

  4. Bravo. Thank you for your support and for setting a great example. It is our hope that bottle-feeding, formula-feeding, donor-milk-feeding and breast-feeding mothers can someday link arms to support all parents’ rights to feed their babies as they see fit, without pressure, judgment or guilt.

  5. love these pictures Kris! So inspirational. Boy, did your lens sing! Hey, what happened to your 365 photo project? I don’t see the link. Would love to catch up on what your lens has seen in January.Loves,Merr

  6. Wow. Sorry to hear that. I’m out of my depth in other countries. I googled services in England, but have no idea if they’re any good. What is your son interested in?

  7. Alec Baldwin is no different than the rest of the Hollywood shabbatz goyim. He regurgitates the destructive values of his Jew masters. And does so for a reason: multi-million dollar acting roles.

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