2010 CALB 11 a Side

  CALB 11 a Side Competition ALBC V Indalo B.C.

              Tuesday 2nd November 2010 – start time 1400

This is a new competition and it is the first of five home and away fixtures. Played generally with teams of any gender. Together with separate Mens and Ladies Singles in each venue.

Please tick names to confirm availability

Teams playing at ALBC

Ladies Singles – C.Patrick   

Mens Singles – S.Brisco

 Pairs – B.Franklin.  J. Franklin

 Triples – N.Atkins  M.Atkins  C.Roberts

 Fours – G.Patrick  W.Roberts  R.Digweed  V. Digweed

Captain of the day: N.Atkins – Markers to be nominated

 Team splaying at Indalo

Ladies Singles – M.Mullen    

Mens Singles  – C.Ewer

 Pairs – J.Pike   T.Rodgers

 Triples – T.Mullen D.Allen S. Allen

 Fours – C.Wright J.Fitzgerald  V.Sykes  A.Tuplin

Captain of the day: Jim Pike

Reserves:   J.Mannall V.Parsons J.Parsons

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