2010 Arthur Pinn Drawn Pairs – 15th November 1015

Arthur Pinn Drawn Pairs- Knockout 

15th,19th and 20th November 2010 -Match Fees 2.5 Euro     Game played to World Bowls Rules

Teams were drawn by Win Abrahams with the help of Jim Pike Thursday 4thNov.   Teams as follows:- 1)K.Sykes,S.Brisco, 2) A.Mason,B.Franklin 3) A.Tuplin,J.Pike 4) M.Hendry,P.Tonkin 5) P.Pinn, M.Fritchley 6)J.Parsons,M.Mullen 7) V.Sykes,S.Mannall 8)G.Deykin,R.Digweed 9) N.Atkins,T.Gamble 10) M.Laight,G.Patrick 11) V.Parsons, C.Roberts 12) J.Anderson,J.Mannall 13) C.Ewer,T.Mullen 14) M.Atkins,T.Rodgers 15) R.Tonkin,J.Franklin 16) L.Pratchett,W.Roberts 17) E.Donley,J.Pheonix 18) S.Allen,JR Barlow 19) J.Fitzgerald,D.Allen 20) C.Patrick, E. Pheonix 21) C.Wright, J.Batson    

Preliminary Monday 15th 1015  First Round 1400  Quarter’s Friday  19th 1015 Semis 1400  Final Saturday 20th 1400                          

Preliminary:                                     First Round             Quarters          Semi’s        Final

K.Sykes,S.Brisco v A.Mason,B.Franklin  Winners  























A.Tuplin,J.Pike  v   M.Hendry, P.Tonkin  Winners
 P.Pinn, M.Fritchley    v  J.Parsons,M.Mullen  Winners  


V.Sykes,S.Mannall v G.Deykin,R.Digweed Winners
 N.Atkins,T.Gamble v M.Laight,G.Patrick  Winners  
  V.Parsons, C.Roberts
C.Ewer, T.Mullen




 S.Allen, JR Barlow  
C.Patrick, E. Pheonix  


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