2010 Palace Cup Handicap Singles

The Palace Cup Handicap Singles should have commenced on Monday 29th November. However because of the heavens opening a couple of days before, it was impossible to use the green. Re-scheduled for the following Monday 6th this well supported competition started with both parts of the first round completed by the end of the day. Friday 10th the quarters and semis were played ending the competition with the final played Saturday 11th. The competition was played in high spirits and a high level of skill sets, with some of the favoured player’s surpisingly not making it.

First Semi-final between Mike Hendry and Tony Mullen, Tony giving Mike two shots based on their handicaps. Although Mike started confidently early in the game, from the seventh end Tony scored steadily until the fourteenth end when scores were even at 12-12. Unfotunately from this position Mike lost some enitiative and Tony went on to win comfortably.

Second Semi-final featured Graham Clough, a member who has only eighteen months bowling experience under his belt, playing against the successful Graham Patrick who was the expected winner. Graham Patrick gave Graham Clough three handicap shots. On the twelth end Graham Patrick was unexpectivelly 18-2 behind and fought hard to try and catch up, but was unable to do so giving Graham Clough a well deserved win.

With Graham Clough’s superb effort throughout the competition, the Final was a game not to be missed against the experienced and very successful Tony Mullen. Graham took the lead early until the eleventh end when scores were level at 10-10. From this position with both playing very good bowls, Graham increased his lead. However Tony was in a determined mood and on the twenty-fith end scores were even at 20-20. He was holding two shots and looking very good for him, but Graham had other ideas. On his very last wood of the game, he kissed his wood, bowled and took the jack, stayed with it leaving Tony with an impossible task. A tremendous final and congratulations go to Graham, a force to be reconed with in the future.

Jim Pike thanked all members who made the competition so exciting and of course the markers, who without, couldn’t take place.

Don’t forget members this report with associating photographs of the finalists will be found on our website www.bowlingalmeria.com


Vic Parsons

ALBC Press Officer

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