2011 Frank Sharpe Final Report

                                              Final- Thursday 24th March      

The Frank Sharpe is a very popular drawn rinks competition, taking place on Thursday afternoons, starting November 2010 going through to the final in March 2011. The eight players during the season scoring the most points in their top six games are drawn on the day to compete against each other. The result would be gauged on four points for winning and one for each end won. There were no surprises of the winning top six players and however who was drawn in each team; it would on paper develop into a good game.

The spectators were not disappointed, as the winners lead by Roy Tonkin and included Wayne Roberts, Ken Sykes and Catherine Patrick narrowly beat their apponents John Fitzgerald, Graham Patrick, Viv Sykes and Jim Anderson. It would be interesting to be a ‘fly on the wall’ to listen in the Sykes and Patricks household later in the evening as husbands and wives were in apposing teams!!

For the first eight ends it was nip and tuck with the scores level at 4-4 and sharing the ends. John’s team then edged ahead and looked confident until Roy’s team scored three shots on ends fifthteen and sixteen, going ahead by three shots and two ends. Although John and team fought back hard they could only score one shot on each of the final two ends. Well done all those who took part in the final and during the season. Thanks to Jim Pike who co-ordinated the competition. Although the prizes will not be presented until the annual prizegiving in December, thanks go to Carol Roberts for presenting the Shield to the winners.

The Frank Sharpe competition was started in 2004 after one of our very popular bowlers, Frank Sharpe, died and the family wanted to do something to continue his memory. They over the years have presented prizes of vouchers given by Zoe, Frank’s grandaughter, who owns the Ferreteria El Real and bowling, golf shop on the Antes Industrial Estate.  Once again a big thank you for her and the famlies support.  

This report and photgraphs will be found on our website: www.bowlingalmeria.com and www.bowlinginspain.com


Vic Parsons

ALBC Press Officer

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