2011 CALB Hong Pair Pairs Draw

Hong Kong Pairs Draw   —   16.30 Start.


6th May, 2011


        Group A to play at Almeria


B Davies + A Muir  (Ind)    v      T Haywood + G Douglas  (Cab)

Harry A + C Ewer   (Alm)          v     A Lees         + C Taylor      (Cab)

A Eedlo + C Eedlo  (Ind)          v         C Roberts    + W Roberts  (Alm)

J Hutton + J Cartright  (Cab)   v       D Saunders  + B Saunders   (Cab)

B Ruscoe + A Ruscoe (Ind)       v         P Anderson + A N O (Cab)

J Whearty + J Leggate (Cab)     v         B West + B Bramble (La Mata)


        Group B to play at Indalo


P Cartwright + T Hutton  (Cab) v        L Harvey + D Ebdon (Ind)

S Whearty + T Robinson (Cab)  v         W Savage + R Savage (Cab)

S Easthope + J L awrence ( La Mata) v  B Woods + M Woods (Cab)

S Mannall + J Mannell (Alm)     v         S Sephton + J Sephton (Cab)

V Bimpson + T Millington (La Mata) v T Rodgers + J Pike (Alm)

D Sands + P Sands (Cab)              v         G Young + S Kinson (Cab)



        Group C to play at Cabrera


T Young + S Grattage (Cab)       v          V Digweed + R Digweed ( Alm)

K Turner + A Crilly (Ind)            v          K Sephton + C Sanger (Cab)

L Sparkes + E Donley (Alm)       v           G Rowling + A Terry (Alm)

Mo De Boer + A De Boer (Ind)  v           L Swaine + C Ivin (Cab)

J Compton + L Pratchett (Alm) v           K Harvey + G Donck (Ind)

D Hall + D Jenkins (Cab)            v           B Bramble + A Bramble (LM)



All other dates and fixtures will be published during the next week.

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