George Forder – Profile

Recently whilst playing bowls at Almeria bowling Club I was surprised to see this spritely visitor I had met several years before, still playing good bowls. I knew he was getting on a bit as most of us are, but was not aware of his age until approaching him and asking the question.     It was quite a shock to hear he was ninety-eight years young!!!!

Born May 1913, this intelligent young man at that time, had a chance of going to Christ Church College, but the family was not in a financial position for him to go.

He took up boxing when he was eight years old, boxed at London’s Ted Broadribs stable and   proved to be an extremely good featherweight amateur, winning lots of trophies

The eldest of four brothers, he was the main breadwinner for the whole family, carrying out window cleaning until at the age of forty-three, when he had a nasty accident falling from a great height into a basement. He was probably one of the first precipitants of having pins to repair   his knees and spent weeks in traction. George recovered well thanks to the excellent care he had in Kings Hospital.


Determined to get fit, he took up Bowls in 1964 and won many competitions, serving for ten years as President of Brixton Bowling Club He thinks that bowls contributed to saving his life and success in life. Currently he hasn’t been well and living with his sister near Deal in Kent, he usually lives and provides for himself in his own flat. He hopes to be still playing bowls when he reaches that coveted century. God bless you George.

 Vic Parsons – ALBC Vice Chairman

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