2011 CALB Singles and Pairs Rules

Singles and Pairs Competition Rules

  • 1) Reference to ‘should’ and ‘will’ within these rules mean that the action is compulsory #1, and reference to ‘can’ within these rules mean that the action is optional – WB Laws Convention #2.
  • 2) The Controlling body for this Competition is the Costa Almeria Lawn Bowls Committee whose decision will be final.
  • 3) All games listed in the Competition Programme should be played in accordance with World Bowls – Laws of the Sport of Bowls – Crystal Mark Edition Including domestic regulations for Federacion Espanola de Bolos).
  • 4) Clubs are responsible for ensuring that their players are members of their club. A player should only enter from one club during the Competition Programme and if a player is a member of two or more clubs he/she should nominate the club from which they wish to enter.
  • 5) Groundsheets as used at Almeria LBC are permitted as in WB Law 1.3.12 and WB Law 19.1.5.
  • 6) All Competitions will be knockout format and scheduled with play-by dates in the Competition Programme. The Administrator (Brian Saunders) in exceptional circumstances can grant extensions of time.
  • 7) In Singles Competitions the first player to score 21 shots will be the winner and in Team Competitions the winner will be the Team with the highest score after 18 ends of play. Trial ends should be played one in each direction.
  • 8) In Team Competitions after entry closing date and before the Competition starts one replacement player per team will be permitted. Teams will be constituted by the players entered on the scorecard in the first round; one and the same substitute player per team will be permitted in any subsequent round of the Competition. After the draw is made in the Singles Competition no replacements and substitutes will be permitted.
  • 9) For each game the player/team drawn first will be the Challenger and the player/team drawn second will be the Opponent. The Challenger will have the choice of venue (Except in the case of Mark Naylor if he is drawn on the Indalo green the match with the Indalo Challenger will be played at Almeria LBC) and, no later than 48hrs after the previous play-by date, should offer the Opponent 3 dates for play, one of which should be accepted by the Opponent. When one of these dates cannot be agreed on a ‘failure to agree’ should be communicated to the Administrator
  • 10) When the Challenger has not contacted the Opponent as in rule 9 then the Opponent should contact the Challenger within the next 24hrs and mutually agree the date of play. In this circumstance both parties should apply the common sense and spirit of fair play. When a date cannot be mutually agreed a ‘failure to agree’ should be communicated to the Administrator.
  • 11) On receipt of a ‘failure to agree’ the Administrator should convene a Disputes Committee of one CALBC delegate from each of club not involved in the game and their decision will be final.
  • 12) Before every game in each competition a draw should be made from the available rinks in compliance with WB Law 12.1.
  • 13) For every game in each competition, except the final stages as detailed in the Competition Programme, there will be no restriction of player movement during play. For the final stages the Controlling Body can introduce restrictions in line with WB Appendix A.4.
  • 14) After the match has been completed the signed scorecards will be left in the CALBC Box ready for collection
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