2009 Costa Almeria News

The year started with Division of Honour competitions where all the provincial Federated Bowling Clubs including Almeria, Cabrera, Indalo and play against each other home and away in the spring and in the autumn. The disciplines they play cover Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours. I will give you the spring results in my next report. Dates for these commencing at 1400 are 13th, 20th and 27th January.

As reported in the winter edition the Andalucian Championsips, which will take place in the Almeria region this year from 2nd to the 9th February. This competition is between federated members of our clubs in the Almeria and The Costa del Sol areas. The ladies singles will take place at Indalo B.C. and men’s singles, mixed pairs, fours at Cabrera B.C. Opening ceremony at Cabrera will be at 1730. Daily play will start at 10.00 am and closing ceremony with presentations at 1530.

A draw for the men’s and ladies provincial (FAB) singles is on 28th February at Indalo, 1930. throughout the spring the men and ladies play a knockout competition with the Semi’s and Final taking place on 1st May at Indalo B.C.  starting at 1000.

The FEB National Pairs Champion of Champion Competitions (men & ladies) will take place at Javea Green from 6th to 10th June. All Clubs’ Pairs Championships winners will be invited to these competitions

The FEB National Singles Champion of Champion Competitions (men & ladies) will take place at Javea Green from 11h to 15th October. All Clubs’ Singles Championships winners will be invited to these competitions.

The Spanish National Championships will be held in Malaga between 8th & 19th September between qualifiers from the three regions
In preparation for this the men and ladies in the Almeria Province who wish to play in this competition are required to take part in the Spanish National Qualifiers which are due to be run during February and March at Indalo and Cabrera

This period continues by the FAB Inter-League Rinks, where the provincial clubs play each other, three teams each, home and away. Dates for these are 9th, 14th and 21st April commencing at 1400. Once again results will be published in my next report.

Finally before the summer the annual FAB rinks Championship takes place at Cabrera from 24th until 27th April, starting at 1000.

Whilst writing if you would like to check on past or current reports, Almeria Bowling Club have their own web site which is www.almeria.com. There is also a link to bowlinginspain site for you to peruse what is generally going on in the bowling world in Spain.

Contacts for above bowling clubs are:- Almeria, Vic parsons, 950 398 032/ Indalo, Geoff Weaver, 950 069 337/ Cabrera, Trevor Robinson, 600 707 490. Any information on the Nationals please contact Bryan Redington on 950 478 604.

Vic Parsons
Federation PR

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