2012 CALB 4’s Competition – Draw

         Costa Almeria Lawn Bowls Fours League

January and February 2012

Red Group                              Blue Group                          Mixed Group

Indalo R                                Indalo B                                Indalo R & B

Almeria R                              Almeria B                              Almeria R & B

Cabrera R                             Cabrera B                             Cabrera R & B


!0th Jan     Cabrera R v Indalo R                            Cabrera B v Almeria B                         Indalo B v Almeria R

17th Jan    Cabrera R v Almeria R                         Indalo B v Almeria B                             Cabrera B v Indalo R

24th Jan    Indalo R v Almeria R                           Cabrera B v Indalo B                             Cabrera R v Almeria B

31st Jan     Indalo R v Cabrera R                            Almeria B v Cabrera B                         Almeria R v Indalo B

7th Feb      Almeria R v Cabrera R                                Almeria B V Indalo B                    Indalo R v Cabrera B

14th Feb    Almeria R v Indalo R                           Indalo B v Cabrera B                            Almeria B v Cabrera R


Teams in Red and Blue Groups will play each other at home and away

Teams in the Mixed Group will play once at home and once away

There will be a league table for each group

The Over-All Trophy winner will be the team with their points and shot difference added together from both their Individual Group and from the Mixed Group

This schedule has been adopted to accommodate the Almeria new facility not

being available until the end of January

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