2012 Millennium trophy Schedle

 Millennium Open Mixed Triples

                         (One Day Round RobinCompetition

                  Friday April 6th(Start times see Schedule below)

    Match Fees 9 Euro/team Visitors 18 Euro/team includes match fees

   (Please ensure you arrive at lease 30 minutes before your first game to pay fees)

Group 1 A) J.Phoenix/E.Phoenix/P.Fitzhugh B) L.Pratchett/J.Compton/R.Compton

 C) Stan Brisco/S.Bain/A.Mason D) J.Sephton/S. Sephton / Sephton) E) J.Burgess /A.Creely/L.Burgess F) A. & M.De-Boer/B.Ruscoe G) R. & V Digweed /M.Hendry

H) J.Mayhew/R.Savage/W.Savage I) T.Millington/D.Weeks/V.Simpson

J) J.Lawrence/D.Reynolds/T.Reynolds (Group 1-Please arrive by 0930)


Group 2 K) B & D Saunders/T.Bird L) H.Dodds/M.Laight/C.Laight M) J. & C Fitzgeral/S.Allen N) C.Ivin/R & L Swain O) A.Lees/C.Hall/P.Anderson P) E.Foster /B.Foster/D.Allen Q) B.Firth/M & B Wood R) T.Rodgers/J.& S Mannall S) J.Pike/J & V Parsons T) Ed & E Donley/G.Deykin (Group 2 -Please arrive by 1030)

                                Draw was done by J.Fitzgerald/J.Pike & V.Parsons







1000  To 1055

A v B

C v D

E v F

G v H

I v J

     1100 to 1155

K v L

M v N

O v P

Q v R








1200 to 1255

D v I

A v F

C v H

E  v J

G v B

1300 to 1355

N v S

K v P

M v R

O v T








1400 to 1455

G v F


A v J

C v B

E v D

1500 to 1555

Q v P

S v R

K v T

M v L

O v N







  1615 to 1710   

 1st and 2nd  place between Winners of Group 1 and Group 2

 1615 to 1710                 

 3rd and 4th place between runners up  Group 1 and Group 2

Please note this is a Round Robin Competition and for it to take place we must play all 20 teams. You have all confirmed that you are available,  but  if you do have problems please let Jim or myself know asap. Jim-950398803 Vic 600631284


1. Teams will be in two groups 1 (Red) & 2 (Blue)

2.  Three sessions of up to 8 ends will be played. 

3. Two points will be awarded for each game won and one point for a draw. One point for each end won. The winners of each division will be the team with most points. In the event of a tie, shot difference will occur.

4. No-end – opponents will receive 2 points

5. No trial ends

6. Games are timed as above. Bell will ring at start, 5 minutes before the end. Jack must be placed before bell rings.

7. Skips not allowed to visit the head

8. Score cards to be returned to competition table immediately the game end.

9. The winners of Group 1 and Group 2 will play for 1st and second prize. The runners up of Group 1 and 2 will play for third and 4th prizes

10. The organisers reserve the right to amend the programme.

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