2012 CALB Hong Kong Pairs Rules

Costa Almeria Lawn Bowls


Hong Kong Pairs League


1)    All games will be played in line with the laws of the sport of bowls (Crystal Mark Edition).

2)     The Controlling Body for this competition is the Costa Almeria Lawn Bowling Committee whose decision will be final.

3)    The competition will be played on a league basis with 3 sections playing a ‘Round Robin’ format. Play to start at 4.30pm on the given dates.

4)    Each group will be drawn on which green they start their first match on the 4th May 2012. They will then move around the three greens available each week

5)    The winners of each group will go forward to the semi final plus the best runner-up. The winner of section A will play the winner of group C and the winner of Section B will play the Best runner up. The winners of the semi final will contest the final. The date of the Semi Final and Final will be Sunday 24th June 2012 at Indalo (Semi-final starting at 10.30am and the final at 2.00pm)

5) Pairs can be of any combination.

6) Matches will be played over 18 ends; there will be no trial ends with only one shot scoring on the first end.

7) Scoring as follows:  2pts – Win, 1pt – draw, if there is a tie on points in any section then shot difference will count, if still undecided then the winner of the match between the teams concerned will decide the winner.

8) The best runner-up will be the pair with the highest number of points in either group, if 2 or 3 pairs are equal on points the best shot difference will decide if still equal the pair winning the most number of ends.

9) If the end is ‘killed’ the jack will be re-spotted on the ‘T’

10) Substitutes are allowed.

a)    But one of the original team must be one of the players.

b)    No player can substitute for more than one team in the same group.

c)    Indicate on the score card that a player is a substitute

d) As far as possible dates must be adhered to. But to get as many pairs into the competition as possible the organising body will allow games to be played on a date other than the advertised one. Agreement must be made with the opponents and the club the match was due to be played at.

Pairs are responsible for sorting out their own changes.

Brian Saunders must be informed of any changes to dates.

NO changes to venue will be allowed.


(CALB has received comments that ‘we would enter but we are not available for one of the advertised dates’ the above rule will hopefully overcome this situation.)

11) ‘No Show’ or in excess of 15 minutes late then the match will be awarded to the opponents (2pts & 8 shot difference)

12) Two score cards must be used and returned signed by one from each team. Please make sure the full names of the two pairs are on both score cards.

13) Officials at each green will collect the cards at the end of the 18 ends and forward them to Brian Saunders or Vic Parsons in Brian’s absence as soon as possible after the games have finished.

14) If there are any disputes at the venue that cannot be sorted out by the teams. The named officials will make a decision. Their decision will be final.

15) A Game will be void in the following circumstances

  1. When a game cannot take place due to weather conditions or a green unfit to play
  2. When less than 10 ends have been completed when the game is stopped due to weather conditions or other valid reason.

In the above circumstances each team will be awarded 1pt each.

If 11ends have been played the result and shot difference will stand.

15) The entry fee of 3€ per person to be collected by their own clubs CALB representative. Entry fees to be forwarded with the clubs official entry form

As La Mata has no green to play on so there can be no reciprocal agreement they will be subject to the green fees of the club they are playing at.

16) The host club will supply the 4 rinks needed. Group organisers to arrange a draw for these rinks with the pairs at the venue.

17) The official organiser at each venue will be decided after the draw has been made.

18) Groundsheets as used at Cabrera LBC are permitted in this competition

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