2012 Special Event Spanish Squad V Almeria Report

Almeria B.C were asked to make up teams to play the visiting Spanish Squad which would take place on Sunday 24th June starting at 1330.  Our captain, Jim Pike selected the teams from those players available and who had contributed and assisted him over a period of time. As only 18 players, six mixed triples were required. Jim could only apologize for those disappointed members who were not included. 

On Monday 25th an Almeria select team, chosen by Graham Marlow, Performance Director played the Spanish Squad. Rinks and Singles in the morning and pairs and triples in the afternoon.  


Sunday’s play commenced on a lovely sunny afternoon after the introduction of the Spanish Squad by their captain Pat Metcalfe and a friendly welcome to all players by our captain, Jim Pike. This day was mainly to introduce the Spanish team to our new carpet and give Almeria Bowling Club (ALBC) team members an introduction to good quality bowling. The day was completed by ALBC winning two games and giving good account of themselves on the remaining six triples.


Day two Monday 25th in the morning, men and ladies Almeria select team played the   Squad at Rinks and Singles.In the afternoon pairs and triples were played. Winning teams were awarded   two points, one for a draw and zero for a loss.

A summary of the results were, in the morning the Squad scored twelve point and Almeria Select four points. In the afternoon eight points to each. A further breakdown was that the Ladies Almeria Select scored four points and the Squad twelve points. The men scored eight points each. Therefore the overall result was twelve points to Almeria Select and Twenty for the Squad.


After the game, both Captains and Graham Marlow thanked everyone for their support in making this event so successful. Pat conveyed her thanks to ALBC for their work in setting up the green and providing markers for the singles, John Dando for umpiring Monday and for Jim on Sunday. Finally thanks were given for the tremendous work carried out by the bar and restaurant staff and for Shirley and Anthony Jackson for providing the venue.

All in all this was a great occasion; yours truly took lots of photographs which can be seen with this report on our website www.bowlingalmeria.com 


Vic Parsons

ALBC Press Officer & Vice Chairman

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