2013 ABC January Report

At the time of writing this report Joan and I are still in UK and looking forward to our bowls and decent weather when we return in February. Looking back at last January report I mentioned that I hoped everyone was enjoying our ‘new’ carpet. By the activity during the past year that is now a very firm yes!!!!!

Competitions this month were very few. The CALB 4’s started Jan 8th and will continue until 12th February. At the time of writing results to date are not available.

The Wednesday League is progressing well, managed by John Mannall. The latest results for 30th January are. Gunners 3rd Rovers 4th with one game in hand. Ramblers 7th Wanderers 10th.

A new venture, ‘Sunday Lunch Bonanza.’, began on Sunday’s 6th and continued on the 13th / 20th January. Many thanks to  Anthony and Shirley who sponsored this event and gave a full Sunday lunch to the winners to be taken within a month. This is open to all clubs where on specific Sunday mornings  those who attend are drawn into pairs (Notices, (Produced by Sue Mannall) of Sunday dates are in clubhouses of all clubs and on our website)  A small fee is paid for the privilege of playing which goes into club funds.

On the 6th the winners were Graham Patrick, Clive Taylor and Bryan Franklin. Although this was not a pair, to ensure all who attended were able to play, sometimes triples have to be played. On the 13th winners were Shelagh Allen & Kevin Johnson, on the 20th, Catherine Patrick and Stan Brisco. This event has proved very successful and well supported by our members and other clubs.

Only club competition, the Joe McCraw Singles (metre stick) was played this month. The winner was Chris Ewer who beat Jane Franklin after a hard fought game. Chris also won this competition in 2011.

Once again the old chestnut, ‘Ignoring and not acknowledging Emails’ is still very prevalent. At the moment whether I am in UK or Spain, I continue to enjoy keeping you all informed with Emails and website of everything that goes on connected with our Bowling Club. The content is not always something that requires a direct answer, but it would be nice sometimes for your opinions or view on the subject, good / bad, or even a simply reply, thanks, if you have no comment to make. The guilty members I am sure know who they are and hopefully it will improve in the future.

Once again I will remind all members that most information apropos competitions schedules, full reports and special news will be found on our website www.bowlingalmeria.com  and sometimes when appropriate on   www.bowlinginspain.com

Vic Parsons

Vice Chairman and Press Officer

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