FEB Minutes (3rd september 2013)


Minutes of the FAB Meeting 3rd September 2013

at Almeria Bowling Club


Jan Dando (JD), David Ebdon (DE), Ruth Compton (RuC)  Doreen Hall (DH), Sue Mannall (SM), David Jenkins (DJ), Janey Leggate (JL), John Fitzgerald (JF), Dave Green (DG), Diane Saunders (DS)

1.         Apologies for Absence

            Apologies were received from John Sephton

            Both Dave Green as representative for Mazarron replacing Richard Cooper and Di Saunders as             representative for Cabrera replacing David Jenkins were welcomed to their first meeting.

2          Minutes of the last Meeting

            The Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd July  were agreed.  Proposed by DE, seconded by         RuC and signed by  JD.

3          Matters Arising

            Action regarding ways of encouraging more people to federate was ongoing.


4          FEB Matters

            a          Mazarron current position

            Dave Green confirmed that the issues relating to Mazarron applying to Valencia for federating     should never have happened and Mazarron BC were happy to continue as they had done before   and very pleased that this committee had agreed to this. 

            JD said this was the end of the matter and we will all move on.

5          FAB Programme

            a          Entries are very low for the FAB Triples on 14th & 15th September and it has only recently                     come to light that these dates are very close to the Santa Pola Open which is a big                                 competition and is very popular.  2014 Mixed Triples dates to be moved to accommodate                both competitions.

            b          2014 calendar to include 1st & 2nd February 2014 Malaga  v Spain.


            c          JD read an email received from John Calhoun concerning fair distribution of competition                         venues between Clubs.  The committee were asked whether they thought Indalo should                                     hold more competitions as they have a much larger number of federated players than                                     Cabrera and Almeria.  Everyone contributed in discussion and it was generally felt that                                   Indalo should have a bigger “slice of the cake”However currently neither Mazarron nor                                Mojacar hold any competitions.  DG said Mazarron are not worried that they do not hold                         any.  Mojacar will be included after 2014 when they have all their facilities in place.  Both                  Cabrera and Almeria club membership is increasing and they are expecting to have more                affiliated members in the future. 

                        DJ suggested that the Mixed Triples for 2014 could be moved to Indalo because in his                           opinion Cabrera are likely to have very few entries as in September they are waiting                               for members to return from the UK and this would not effect CLBC.

                        DJ will present this suggestion to the CLBC committee. 

                                                                                                                                                       ACTION DJ


                        RuC said that we should be working on ways of increasing numbers .

                        It was agreed that we should not make too many changes to the dates but could consider:

ñ  Changing calendar to accommodate more bowlers arriving from UK.

ñ  JD said she would prepare an attractive poster for noticeboards as she did last year.     

                        Indalo are holding the 2 largest competitions and Malaga v Spain in February.


                        JD to reply to John Colquhoun  accordingly.                                    



6          Competition Report

            DE asked for the Mens & Ladies Singles & Pairs posters and entry forms to be displayed as     soon as possible to give a clear 6 weeks notice.


7          CAUMA

            RuC and umpires are running a markers course in the Autumn. If anyone from Maojacar BC      wish to do the course they will have to arrange to take it at another club.


            New bowlers can take the course and if they fail their fees will be refunded.  More markers are needed.

            Training for trainers that we have appointed will commence when Snowbirds return.  Umpires will          sort out their own calendars and there will be two dates so they have a choice.

            a          Umpires Mileage

                        RuC tabled a paper giving mileage of Umpires and said that Umpires and Markers do not                     get a lot of recognition. They have to operate at a  very high standard, give up a lot of time               and replace their own equipment. The committee decided that umpires should be given                                    some compensation.  It was agreed that a voucher will be given to each working Umpire                  for coffee, tea & water and Umpires driving could claim 10c per kilometre and wherever                   possible car share with another umpire in which case the Umpire not driving will have the                        refreshments voucher only. An expenses sheet will be signed and kept as part of an audit                        trail.

                        RuC to design the voucher and expenses form. DE to be responsible for issuing vouchers.


            ACTION RuC/DE

8          Social Report

            DH had nothing to report and asked for this to be an Agenda items only when required.


9          Financial Report

            The bank account has now been closed but an amount of 34€ had to be paid.

            See Treasurers Report attached – Appendix 1

10        Any Other Business

            a          JD For Mixed Triples competition prizes we only have 45€ and we now have to find                              money for Umpires.  As an alternative to trophies which are expensive and not always                            what people want to win Iceland have a card system that can be credited equivalent to                                  vouchers. JL suggested Home Sweet Home might offer vouchers also a meal voucher for                       Miraflores restaurant was suggested. Winners will receive the equivalent 20€ each and                                   Finalists 10€ each. DH was asked to hold a raffle and sell tickets at 2€ a strip, purchase a                         bottle of spirit and Shirley Jackson to be asked if she would like to donate 2 x 5€ meal                               vouchers.                                                                                                            ACTION DH

                        SM to ask Shirley Jackson if she would be interested in giving vouchers for either prizes or                    raffle.                                                                                                                   ACTION SM

                        For the future is was suggested that we could have a fun evening e.g. Horse Racing & Quiz                    Night.   This could be part of the annual dinner.  JD said she would run a Fund Raising                           Quiz.

            b          DJ to throw away all paperwork related to the bank account that is now closed.

            c          DG recorded thanks for the welcome he had received.

            d          DE asked for confirmation that Umpires had been arranged for the Mixed Triples and                            asked SM to ensure ALBC roll-up morning had been cancelled.

            e          DJ wished JD good luck in the European Championships seconded by the rest of the                             committee.

            f           JD asked for meeting dates to be set and recorded for all 2014 meetings.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 1645.

11        Date of Next Meeting

            The next meeting is scheduled for 1430 on Thursday 16th  January 2014 to be held at Cabrera BC.

Future meeting dates for 2014:

Thursday 13th March at Indalo BC

Thursday 17th July at Almeria BC

Tuesday 2nd September at Cabrera BC

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