2013/2014 Wednesday League Rules




1.      The league will consist of 11 teams playing one match at home and one away against each of the other teams.

2.      Teams will consist of not less than 18 players, of which 12 must be registered with the co-ordinator prior to the first match of the season, and not less than 18 registered before the last game of the first half of the season.

3.      Players may transfer to another team once during a season as long as they have played two or less matches for the original team.

4.      All players representing a team in a match must be registered for that team with the Co-ordinator at least 24 hours prior to the match.

5.      Each match will consist of four games of triples and will be played under the normal rules of the game.

6.      All matches must be played at the time and date stipulated in the match schedule, unless the green is closed due to unforeseen circumstances, when the Co-ordinator will be informed and the game re-scheduled as per his/her instructions. Games cancelled due to the closure of the green due to inclement weather will NOT be re-scheduled but the points will be shared.  No shots will be awarded to either team.

7.      If the match has commenced but is then called off due to inclement weather the result will stand if 12 or more ends have been completed on all four rinks.  If all four rinks have not completed 12 ends then rule 6 will apply.

8.      Points for each game will be 2 for a win and 1 for a draw, plus an additional 2 points for the overall winning team making a total of 10 points in each match. A team scoring 5 match points or more will be declared the overall winner, irrespective of the shots scored. In the event of both teams scoring 4 match points, the 2 bonus point will be awarded to the team with the highest number of overall shots.  Should each team score the same number of shots, then one bonus point shall be awarded to each team.

9.      Any team failing to play a match detailed in the match schedule will forfeit all 10 points and concede 36 shots to their opponents.

10.  Any team unable to provide sufficient players for all 4 games will forfeit 2 points plus 9 shots for each triple not fielded from the final match result.

11.  The result of each match must be passed to the Co-ordinator by means of e-mail or telephone within 24 hours together with the shots scored by both teams. Captains will retain their signed cards in case of dispute.

12.  At the start of the league EACH TEAM WILL SUPPLY THE CO-ORDINATOR WITH THE TEAMS E-MAIL ADDRESSES. The Co-ordinator will then provide each Team Captain with a list of all the Team Captains and Vice Captains telephone numbers and/or e-mail addresses plus details of all registered players and notify any changes throughout the Competition.

13.  At each match the Home Captain will advise on the rinks available and both Captains will make a draw for their teams using those nominated rinks.

14.  A team may bring in a substitute for any GENUINE reason with or without permission N:B:  THE SUBSTITUTE CANNOT PLAY AS SKIP, even if replacing a skip. If the opposing teams have been drawn the substitute can only play in the team requiring the substitute. The substitute must be a pre-registered member of the team.

15.  In the event of one or more of the 12 teams being unable to complete the season all the matches they have played, or were due to play, will be declared void and the points adjusted accordingly.

16.  There will be NO green fees for the league. However, a one off payment of 5 euros per player will be collected by each Team Captain and paid to his Club Treasurer. It is up to the individual Clubs to ensure that monies are paid in.

17.  In the event of any disputes between teams the Captains of the neutral teams will meet and arbitrate and make a decision. Their decision will be final having heard all the evidence.

Rules revised and amended 12th September 2013

League  Co-ordinator              John Mannall (ALBC)

                                                Tel: 634 364 906

                                                Email: johnmannall@gmail.com

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