2014 Spring Handicap Triples

2014 Spring Handicap Drawn Triples                      

This is a new ‘Club’ competition will be played on Monday afternoons apart from 24th February when it will be played on the Tuesday afternoon of 25th February. It will commence on Monday 6th  January until 3rd March. During that period of nine planned dates, the best five individual total scores will be totted up, to give monetary prizes for the first two players.

This competition played under World Bowls Rules except for the following:-

*Games to be played over 18 ends. Should game be abandoned due to inclement weather the game will count if 10 ends are completed

*One point only on the first two ends

*If there is a dead end, jack will be replaced on the T

*Skips will be selected and drawn on a weekly basis.

* Total handicaps of drawn teams will be calculated and divided by the number of players in the team. The result will be compared to the opposition and the difference will be shown as a starting score


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