2014 ABC Cup ( Drawn Triples)


Friday 7th & Monday 10thMarch


                                                        Match fees 3 Euro/player


          Draw done by Sylvia Pritchard/Colin Wright/Vic Parsons


     Please confirm by ticking your names  and please ensure you are available all day for both dates if you are successful 


                             The competition is played under World Bowl  Rules


             Preliminary Round

            Friday 7th March

                   1000 start

          First / Quarter Finals

Friday 7th  March

1400 start


Monday 10th  March


Final Monday 10th March  1400

























 S.Bain/C.Ewer/S. Pritchard















K.Rayner/P.Tonkin/C. Pritchard




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3 Responses

  1. Rod Dougal says:

    I will be there, thanks Vic

  2. Graham Clough says:

    I’ll be there on Friday afternoon.

  3. Eileen and John Phoenix says:

    Thanks Vic, see you friday if not before.

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