FAB Minutes 13th March 2014

Minutes of the FAB Meeting 13th March 2014

at Indalo Bowling Club

at 1430



Jan Dando (JD), David Ebdon (DE), Ruth Compton (RuC), Doreen Hall (DH), Sue Mannall (SM), Dave Green (DG), Mo deBoer (MdB), Diane Saunders (DS) John Sephton (JS), Stuart Beetham (SB)


JD opened and welcomed everyone to the meeting.


1 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from DJ.


2 Minutes of the last Meeting

It was noted that John Sephton was in attendance at the last meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on 9th January were agreed. Proposed by DS seconded by DE and signed by JD.


3 Matters Arising

Ref. item 7a. JS said the greens should be ready for the National Grass Green Fours in June.  JD had been told that this competition might not go ahead.  No-one from Cabrera BC was aware of this.  JS/DS to contact John Muldoon for clarification.


Ref. Item 10 a.   DH received confirmation from Bryan Redington that green fees of 3€ per person were paid for FAB Singles and Pairs in 2010/2011. When the competition was on a play be date basis.


4 Financial Report

DJ had emailed the financial report to the committee in advance of the meeting.  DJ ran through the accounts; there is currently a total cash in hand of 1307.13€.  We are running at a slight loss but if we had paid 50€ a session green fees we would have saved 60€.  We will make some money from the raffle at the Annual Dinner. Assurance has been given by the FEB that the 2000€ and petrol money owed is forthcoming. We are just keeping afloat at the moment.


5 Competition Report

DE said the FAB Rinks held at Almeria BC had gone very well. The finalists were both Indalo teams. The winners Colin Thomas, Fred Hudson, Ray Haynes beat Bill Seymour, Paul Milson, Alan Reynolds and John Colquhoun 22-9.


There are currently 20 entries for the 3-2-1 the closing date is 17th March.  No entries have yet been received from Almeria BC.  The number of days will be set once all entries are in.  SM asked for clarification in the rules concerning the “advisors” in the singles event as there had previously been some confusion.  It was confirmed that “advisors” must be off the green and JD amended the rules accordingly.  When the draw is done the sheet to show clearly in bold that NO FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED.


6 FAB Programme

a  2014 Mixed Triples venue.  JD said she was extremely sorry to say that she has had to make the decision that the Mixed Triples cannot be played at Cabrera this year.  It is the biggest competition of the year and many people do not want to bowl on Cabrera´s greens.  JD apologised to the Cabrera representatives and explained that because the venue effects the number of entries it will be held at Indalo this year.  JS and DS accepted the decision and appreciated the reasons for it.  Calendar secretaries to make the necessary changes. It is hoped the Grass Green Fours will go ahead at Cabrera to compensate.


b  Andalucian Championships.  The Controlling Body is Jan Dando (FAB Delegate Almeriense), David Ebdon (FAB Comps Sec. Almeriense) and Margaret Kain (FAB Representative Malaga). JD said Margaret Kain is very efficient and would like to have seen her taking on the vacant role of Malaga Delegate but unfortunately she cannot do so as she returns to UK for half of the year. The rules have been drawn up and they were emailed to the committee prior to the meeting.  The rules state there is No Club Affiliation so teams can be made up of people from different clubs as long as they hold a minimum of a regional federation licence.  The entry fee was 7€ last year but JD suggested this should be reduced to 6€ to keep in line with the Spanish Nationals entry which is 6€. Margaret Kain has already 23 people and if we reach 50 entries it will amount to 1200€ entry fees.  There are 5 days booked into the calendar.  DE and MdB were asked to ask the  Indalo committee if they would be prepared to make any reduction to the 4€ green fees.  We have 400€ sponsorship from Scottsdale Overseas and it was suggested that we could give cash prizes to winners and vouchers to runners up.  The closing date would be set at Monday 25th August 2014 at 1700 hrs.  The format would be Mens & Ladies Singles, Mens & Ladies Pairs and Mixed Any Combination Rinks.  Food would not be provided.

JD had asked Mojacar to keep these dates free in case Malaga people staying on the playa want to make use of them for practice.  RuC to arrange Markers and Umpires.



RuC asked for rule 13a Fours and Pairs Games to be changed from “2 thirds” to “12 ends” – JD amended the rules accordingly.

JS asked if there was any costs involved in hosting the visitors. JD said they all seemed to be happy arranging hotels and treating it as a 5 day break. Margaret Kain has been talking to Debbie Colquhoun in this respect.

Andalucian Championships poster to be sent out.


c  FAB AGM Membership. There have been no volunteers from Almeria BC or Cabrera BC as a representative.  JD will enquire whether it is acceptable for both representatives to come from Indalo.  DE said he would be happy to stand down because the meetings are held in Spanish which he doesn´t understand.


7 FEB Matters

Licences  JD said she has collected all Licence fees for both Regional and National but has been told to hold this money as they still haven´t decided what the National fee will be.  However because the money has not been sent off it does not mean they are not federated – as long as the Delegate is holding the money anyone who has paid is federated. We know there is a one licence fee being introduced fro 2015.  However we said for 2014 we would pay 9€  difference for the National Licence to come in line with the Valencia fees but Senr. Boto is still talking about the fees and wants licence fees to be 25€ for both regions.  If this is the case we might not have to pay the 9€. However the Andalucian president and his committee are up in arms because they think it will have a major impact on regional competitions.  At the moment JD is still holding everyone´s 25€ together with the entry forms and waiting to hear what to do with it.  The number of Licence holders this year are:




  Regional National Squad
Almeria BC 15 0 0
Cabrera LBC 3 15 0
Indalo BC 26 39 3
Mazarron BC 0 11 2
Mojacar BC 0 0 0




8 CAUMA  RuC said she was happy to advise a further 8 markers have qualified: 1 from Mazarron,                           1 from Cabrera, 3 from Indalo & 3 from Almeria.


RuC said problems have been experienced where people are reluctant to change their stickers.  This can cause problems for umpires if several bowls have to be measured. Rules should state that you should be aware that you are required to change your stickers if you are the opposition and have the same stickers as the challengers.  Rules for the Andalucian Championships were amended accordingly.

It was agreed that DE re-stock FAB supply of red and blue stickers.


RuC said there is a bowler using unmarked bowls who has been told but continues to do so.  This requirement is covered by Item 1 in the FAB General Rules and Conditions of Play: The Laws of the Sport of Bowls – Crystal Mark Second Edition. RuC will speak to the skip in this regard.


9 Social Report

DH said that because there are so many raffle tickets being sold at all clubs for events going on in March it has been decided to put envelopes of 5 raffle tickets per person on the tables at the dinner to be sold for 3€.  There are currently 44 names for the dinner from Indalo, 23 from Almeria and 8 from Cabrera.  Several raffle prizes have been donated. John Lodge has been booked.  DG said it was difficult for Mazarron members to attend because of the distance and cost of staying overnight etc.


Any Other Business

G asked if there had been any feedback on giving Iceland Vouchers as prizes.  It seemed to be acceptable as no-one had received any controversial comments.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 1544 hrs.


Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for 1430 on Thursday 17 July 2014 to be held at Almeria BC.







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