2014 St Patricks Day

Well done Siobhan for a wonderful St Patricks Day and a very informative report which makes me redundant this year. I have done a few tweaks but credit must go to Siobhan.

The Spider was won by Mick Duffield and snaffled by Agnes Brown a.k.a Graham Patrick. Later on nearest the bottle raised fifty five euros.

Our fancy dress results was 3rd place Ray Bolton. 2nd place Graham Clough, and first place Graham Patrick.

The Ladies 3rd place Pat Deacon, in 2nd place Sandra Brown as Winnie and in first place Liz Raynor.

The Spider was won by Mick Duffield and snaffled by Agnes Brown a.k.a Graham Patrick. Later on nearest the bottle raised fifty five euros plus 42.40 from the members taking part,

We all then headed down to the terrace for a wonderful buffet and for the very first time not one complaint was channelled my way as the buffet was superb.

I must say I could not have managed this year without the help of so many club members in particular Graham Patrick who with Clive and Cath put up all the decorations, delivered all the raffle prizes to my Casa, where our social secretary and our Lady Captain marshalled their helpers and soon had hampers cheese baskets, and fruit baskets ready to be delivered to the function room.

Then a change of plan, we would be outside on the terrace as the weather was so good. Right said Graham I will collect you between 7 .30 and 8a.m. In the morning hand we will bring everything up. Fine except at 9.30. p.m. I had a meeting with John Lodge that would only take a few minutes, wrong and at 10.30p.m. I was loading balloons with Pat and John into a mosquito net to be suspended on high on the terrace in the morning.

Anyway all went well and it gave me a very warm feeling that my friends and fellow bowlers rallied round. Thanks to the 3 musketeers, Vic, Jim and John Fitz for their support and thank you Vic for your kind words from the stage.

The winners of the fancy dress on the terrace was 3rd place, Andy Cooper 2nd place, big Trevor, and 1st place Sandy the biker. The ladies was a bit of a surprise, 3rd place Pat Deacon  2nd place Peggy Fletcher and in  first place Graham Patrick, yes he won the ladies on the Terrace and the gents on the bowling green.

The Limericks were won by Bill White, Andy Cooper, Dot Lyood and Doreen Hall, it was a wonderful day and the feedback was that it was the best yet. Our own John Lodge and the wonderful Johnny V. And the wonderful Tombola run by Bob and Margaret Bulmer Kirby.

The fun and laughter the wonderful costumes Val Vee, and Pat Brindler Fowler and there outrages fancy dress all made it a wonderful day.

Thanks go to everyone for the hard work raising 792.40 euro.

Siobhan Herrity



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19 Responses

  1. Shelagh and Dave says:

    It looks as if you all had a lot of fun, Well done Siobhan you make it a really fun day wish we could have been there, next year I hope
    Shelagh and Dave

  2. Ron Lloyd says:

    Great afternoon as always, thank-you helpers for all your hard work. Dot and Ron

  3. John & Linda Burgess says:

    loved the photos, wish we could have been there, but see you guys soon.

  4. Carole & Wayne says:

    Thank’s too everyone who worked so hard to make the day so enjoyable. Best ever St Patrick’s day.

  5. terry rodgers says:

    thank to all for a great day bejasus terry val

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