2009 Non Winners Cup

The Non Winners Cup is the first of the 2009 autumn competitions for those members who have not won a singles competition here in Spain or UK during the last 5 years.

Monday afternoon, 12th October, sixteen players commenced this keenly contested competition in glorious sunshine. Because of a compact fixture program, the quarter- finals did not take place until Monday morning, 19thOctober, followed in the afternoon by the two semi-finals.

Eddie Donley took the lead on the third end and was doing well until Mike Hendry levelled the score on the fourteenth end. Mike then took two shots on the next end and the match continued to change leads until the twenty-first end when Mike scored four shots to not let Eddie off the hook and winning the competition.

The second semi-final was between Stan Brisco and Mary Mullen. Although Stan led all the way, at certain times, Mary showed her fighting spirit by winning four shots on ends eleven and fourteen but eventually losing the match by only four shots.

The final on Friday afternoon of 23rd October between Mike Hendry and Stan Brisco was an interesting game on paper and turned out to be so. Stan returning to bowling after having a stroke early 2009, struggled until the fourteenth, when Mike had a seven shot lead. Stan then stated to pressurise Mike, scoring three shots on the next two ends. It was nip and tuck from this point until the scores were level on the twenty-fifth end. The next end Stan was holding two shots when Mike delivered a killer bowl, trailing the jack and in the end winning by two shots.

On the presentation of the cup, our captain, Jim Pike thanked the two finalists for giving the many spectators a fantastic game. He also thanked the markers who without, the competition could not take place.

Vic Parsons

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