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 2014 Men and Ladies CALB Singles & Pairs Semi’s Final Results

On Thursday 20th March the CALB Men and Ladies Singles Finals took place at Almeria Bowling Club. The Semi-Finals were played at the challengers bowling club. This competition began in December 2013 and involved over one hundred and thirty players from bowling clubs, Almeria (ABC) Cabrera (CAB) and Indalo. (IND)The results were as follows:

                        Final Championship Winners

    Ladies Singles:                            M.DeBoer  (IND)

     Men’ Singles:                               R.Swaine (IND)

      Ladies Pairs:                               D.Hall/J.Leggate (IND)

      Men’s Pairs:                                  D.Webb/A.Deboer (IND)

Summary of Finals:

Ladies Singles – Although Babs Davies worked hard, Mo DeBoer won well.

Men’s Singles – This was a real battle between John Fitzgerald and Richard Swaine where Richard was nine shots ahead on the sixteenth end. At this stage John fought back hard and was level on the twenty sixth end at 20-20 but couldn’t get that required winning shot.

Ladies Pairs – Another confident performance from Doreen Hall and Janie Leggate who managed to score and win easily against very strong opposition, Linda Lester and Mo DeBoer.

Men’s Pairs: A big disappointment for Ian Jackson and Brian Firth who had played well throughout the competition to reach this stage. However Derek Webb and Alan Deboer were just too strong, winning comfortable      

Semi- Final Results:

 Ladies Singles: 

D. Hall/ B. Davies                                        Winner: B.Davies  

 M.DeBoer/ M.Holmes                                 Winner: M.Deboer (IND)

Men’s Singles:  

                                                                                                              T.Kiggin/R.Swaine                                     Winner: R.Swaine  (IND)

  G.Patrick/J.Fitzgerald                               Winner: J.Fitzgerald (ABC)

Ladies Pairs:     C.Ivin/M.Holmes  v  D.Hall/J.Leggate                              Winners: D.Hall/J.Leggate (IND)     

 L.Lester/M.Deboer v H.Horton/C Mickrlfield                                                 Winners:  L.Lester/M.Deboer (IND)

Men’s Pairs:    

D.Webb/A.DeBoer  v  K.Lester/D.Leigh                                                           Winners:  :     D.Webb/A.DeBoer  (IND)  

 I.Jackson/B.Firth v P.Cartwright/T.Robinson                                         Winners:   :     I.Jackson/B.Firth (IND)       

Vic Parsons ABC press Officer






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