2014 FAB 321 Competition

The F.A.B. 3-2-1 competition was held over 4 days at the Indalo bowling club the format for this is 6 ends of 3 wood triples / 6 ends of 3 wood pairs / 6 ends of 3 wood singles.
18 teams from the Indalo, Cabrera, Almeria clubs took part and they were split into 2 groups of 9 and matches played on a round robin basis.
Friday afternoon 4th April the two group winners competed in the final, they were Chris Ewer/Colin Wright/ John Fitzgerald (Almeria) and Judy Hughes/ Keith Harvey/ John Dedman (Indalo).
As the final was about to start a strong blustery wind came up and made the bowling conditions very challenging. The 1st 6 ends of Triples saw the Almeria team take a 15-5 lead they then went on to increase there lead in the pairs section to 21-7 after 2 ends of singles the score was 22-8 and the match was conceded. Therefoer the winners of the F.A.B. 3-2-1 competition for 2014  were C. Ewer/C. Wright/ J.Fitzgerald (Almeria).
Our thanks to Ruth Compton and John Dando the Umpires over the 4 days.
David Ebdon (F.A.B.comp. sec.)


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2 Responses

  1. Shelagh Allen says:

    Congratulations to Colin, Chris , and John from Dave and She
    Well Done.

  2. Thank you She & Dave hope you are doing ok look forward to seeing you.
    John & Chris

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