2014 Crown Green Report

After last year’s successful event this year on Friday 23rd May and 18th July, John Fitzgerald organized an enjoyable day playing Crown Green Bowls, with   eight drawn pairs played in a competition where teams had to reach a pre-determined score. John had also arranged a Fish and Chip supper on completion of these competitions.

Stuart Beetham was still suffering from an annoying back ache, so did a grand job as co -coordinator and photographer for both days. Paul Fitzhugh substituted for Stuart. Terry Rodgers was unable to play so Shelagh Allen took his place on the 23rd May. All original competitors attended the games on the 18th July

The overall winners on the 23rd May were Shelagh Allen & Carol Roberts who received fish and chip vouchers. A great battle between Ron Lloyd and John Fitzgerald against Jim Pike and Sandra Brown, when Jim and Sandra showed them the way by defeating the likely favourites. However Ron and John were still runners up overall and received a bottle of wine. The wooden spoon winners were Janice  Beetham   and John Pheonix.

The competition on 18th July proved to be quite exciting, in as much as the previous date, the situation was a bit mixed up with some not understanding (or not listening) to the rules, cards not marked correct, etc., but who cares it was all taken light heartedly and  everyone enjoyed themselves.  The eventual winners (much to their amazement) were Chris Ewer and Mike Hendry who won a Carvery Lunch each in Miraflores restaurant. Terry Rogers and Rona Hendry taking second place. This time the wooden spoon went to a reluctant pair, Jim Pike and Chris Brown, who drowned their sorrows afterward with a ‘few’ refreshments.

Thanks to John and Stuart for the good organization despite the small problems mentioned and for keeping everyone entertained and for all those taking part.

Vic Parsons


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