2014 Summer/September/October Report


Welcome back the Snowbirds and trust you all had a great time wherever you were. The Sunseekers had a satisfying season with summer competitions taking place First of all a big thank you to John Fitzgerald and Jim Pike for organizing and successfully running the summer competitions. This year the Reliant Trophy and Eleanor McCraw were played in the mornings on roll up days and proved very successful with most summer bowlers taking part in both competitions. Many thanks to Ron Lloyd who worked tirelessly throughout the summer supporting John and Jim.

During the summer John and Jim decided to try out bowling across the green. It proved very much better and I am sure most members will be happy to continue this way until something is done with the carpet surfaces. Anthony has had the right people in to survey the problem. To date no firm decision has been made to rectify this, but it has certainly not been forgotten.

 The Reliant Trophy was won by John Fitzgerald, Jim Pike and Ron Lloyd beating a strong team of Wayne Roberts, Chris Ewer and Terry Rodgers. The Eleanor McCraw was won by John Fitzgerald and Maureen Sheriff beating Jim Pike and Bryan Thompson. Congratulations to Maureen winning her first club competition. Please refer to our website for a full account of summer activities which include Crown Green, Caravan Club competition.

September was the start of the autumn madhouse for competitions commencing with the first of seven friendlies beginning with the Mason Charity on the 6th September. Thanks to Stuart Beetham for doing a grand job co-ordinating these and ensuring everything happens. 

In the first club competition of the autumn, the Non Winners when the two finalists were Wayne Roberts an old campaigner who had been in this position a few time in the past against a very new bowler, Maureen O’Hara had looked very impressive throughout the competition. Maureen was  leading 20-18 when Wayne was holding two shots to level the score, however on her last shot she had perfect weight and slid around Wayne’s woods to win a very exciting match. This was a day which both players will not forget and can be read in full on our website.

 Following this was the Arthur Pinn drawn pairs starting on the 16th October was another quality competition which this time the finalists were very experienced bowlers when Reg Birmingham and Mary Mullen were successful over Jim Pike and John Fitzgerald.

The Welcome Back competition between Snowbirds and Sunseekers on 17th October was the usual success with Fish and Chip supper after the match which this year the Sunseekers won by 14 shots.

The Iberian Challenge 321 Open competition entries this year was a disappointment with only twelve teams forcing me to reduce the competition to two days over the weekend of 25th and 26th October. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all with prize monies similar to last year. As I was back in UK a huge thank you to Stuart and Janice Beetham for managing the competition. The winners were John and Christina Fitzgerald and Chris Ewer.

The new competition taking over the Frank Sharpe Fours is now the Avalon Drawn Triples whichthanks go to Avalon Trophy Funeral Plans for sponsoring this event. This started 20th October and will run for nine weeks including the Final on the 9th November. The entries are very good.

Wednesday League  commenced 8th October and looks OK for the Almeria teams with the Gunners in third place, Rovers 5th place and Ramblers 8th but it is early days and trust we can show the other teams this year and continue to be there at end of the season.

Finally I must remind you all again that the above with full results, schedules and news will be found on our website www.bowlingalmeria.com Please make use of it.


Press Officer/Vice Chairman   


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    Hi Vic. Has the draw been done yet for the handicap singles. Sorry too be a pain.


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