2010 ALBC Drawn Triples

The ALBC Drawn Triples   commenced with the first four games of the first round played in the morning of 15th March followed in the afternoon with the remaing four games, 16 teams in all. This is always a very competitive competition and this year was no exception.
All the quarter finals taking place on the morning of Friday 19th were good wins with few surprises for those who went through to the semi-finals. One however was the team lead by Peter Burton, Jim Anderson and fairly new bowler Gordon Byatt who cruised into this position. Another was arguably the favorites’, Roy and Patsy Tonkin and Graham Patrick who won, but not easily against Alan Deacon, Brian Saunders and Joan Parsons. The remaining semi-final was Dave Allen, Stan Brisco, Chris Ewer and Jenny Thompson, Mal Fritchley with Les Pratchett.
All set in the afternoon for the two semis. Jenny’s triple fought hard and at twelfth end scores were even at 11-11, however Jim’s team, who had done so well to date, wasn’t going to let this one go without a fight and crept ahead winning by five shots.
The other unfortunately was one way traffic with Roy’s team not letting Dave’s triple get a look in winning very easily.
The final was a little closer but once again the ‘dream team’ did not let up to celebrate an unsurprising result. Well done Roy, Patsy and Graham.

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