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Newly Qualified Markers 0

Newly Qualified Markers

  [Show as slideshow] Well done Stuart Beetham, Sandra Brown and Rona Hendry  for passing the Markers course. Ruth Compton through CAUMA, set the training and the examination. Colin Wright as a qualified Umpire took...

Bowling at Cabrera 5

Bowling at Cabrera

Coaching The Cabrera Bowls Club Coach has arranged to be available on Mondays and Friday afternoons to assist carpet bowlers to adjust their delivery technics so that the games played at Cabrera are a...

Almeria Bowling Club – Instructors 1

Almeria Bowling Club – Instructors

Please note  our two latest bowling Instructors who have completed and passed the course, developed and carried out by Ruth Compton, Congratulations !!!!!!! John Fitzgerald & John Mannall    

Bowling Etiquette & Good Manners 4

Bowling Etiquette & Good Manners

  Etiquette/Good Manners There is a lot of confusion regarding etiquette and the Laws of the Game, and whether this is the responsibility of the coaches, the Umpires or the club itself to introduce...

Spanish National Bowls Coaching Scheme  – Almeria Bowls Club 5

Spanish National Bowls Coaching Scheme – Almeria Bowls Club

Instructors: Stan Brisco:                                                              ...