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The Almeria Bowling Club was established in 1996 in the southern Spanish province of Almería, near Mojacar. We are a membership run club of 100 plus bowlers who bowl out of the Almeria Lawn Bowling Centre. This is owned by the Jackson family and is part of their very successful “Camping Los Gallardos” complex, which includes Miraflores restaurant together with a huge area consisting of caravans and residential mobile homes.All information on this can be found on their website www.campinglosgallardos.com.


 Helpful Information: The bowling events, committee etc. can be found by accessing categories on top left hand side of the home page. The most recent posts and photographs can be accessed on left & right hand side of home page. 

I endeavor to keep the website up to date and include all bowling news and action involving all local clubs. Please contact me  if there is anything that you would like to see or change. to aliciadavis335@gmail.com 


General Archive Information

*2017 New Green Construction(View)

*2017 New Bar Construction (View)

This link Almeria Booklet will allow you to peruse and use as a reference any specific club information which is not covered in my introduction above.It will also allow you  to copy any of it. This information will be updated as required

2022 Miscellaneous Information 

2022 ALBC & FAB Fixtures (View)


2021 Miscellaneous Information

2021 ALBC & FAB Fixtures (View)

2021 ALBC & FAB Update Fixtures (View)

2021 Reliant Drawn Triples Handicap League Table (View)

2021 McGraw Pairs Handicap League Table (View)


2021 Competition Information 

2021 Palace Cup Handicap Singles (View) 

2021 Parson Trophy & Jackson Cup Pairs  (View)

2021 McCraw 2 Wood Singles  (View) 


2020 Miscellaneous Information

2020 ALBC Winter League Social (View)

2020 Clean Up Time (View)

2020 ALBC Fixtures (View)

Covid-19 Protocols For Lawn Bowls (View)

2020 Non-Winners Cup Fixtures (View)

2020 ALBC New Fixtures (View)


2020 Competition Information

2020 Joe McCraw Metre Stick Singles (View)

2020 Dyer Cup and Appleby Singles (View)

2020 Parsons Trophy and Jackson Cup Pairs (View)

2020 Handicap Triples (View)

2020 Drawn Triples (View)


2019 Miscellaneous Information

2019 Christmas Party Report and Presentation List (View)

2019 Ruth Davis Birthday Bash (View)

2019 Turre Open Report (View)

2019 St Patricks Day (View)

2019 Email & Tel. Numbers (View)

2019 ALBC Monthly Reports (View)

2019 Barry Woods Open (View)

2019 Ladies Charity School for Special needs (View)


2019 Competition  Information

2019 Avalon Autumn Drawn Triples (View)

2019 ALBC Mixed Pairs (View) 

2019 Arthur Pinn Pairs (View)

2019 ALBC 321 Challenge Cup (View)

2019 Non Winners Cup (View)

2019 Summer Competitions and Photos (view)

2019 Joe McCraw Two Wood Singles (View)

2019 Appleby Vase and Dyer Cup (View)

2019 Parsons Trophy & Jackson Cup (View)

2019 Palace Handicap Cup (View)

2019  Spring Handicap Triples (View)

2019 Inaugural Cup (View)


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