2010 February Monthly Club Report

After a busy January with the many competitions played, February was relativelly quiet with just three main competitions. The men and ladies club singles Dyer Cup and Appleby Vase respectivelly and the mixed pairs, the Inaugural Cup.
Other bowls activities were the new alliance, the Costa Almeria Lawn Bowls Association, CALB and the second game our ladies participated in of the new Ladies Triple Charity competition. The former we won’t say too much about as we didn’t do too well against the other clubs. However the latter our ladies did very well against Cabrera winning four games and drawing one.
The Dyer Cup, club men’s singles, commenced on a very cold morning of Friday 12th with eleven preliminary games. Because of the new Ladies Charity match mentioned above, there was limited green space and together with the attrocious weather, the competition continued as and when able. We were able to reach the Semi-final stage of both Dyer Cup and Appleby Vase on Wednesday morning of the 24th February leaving the following Saturday afternoon 27th for the Finals. Stan Brisco had a great game against Colin Wright but in the end was not able to match the expertise of Colin. The ladies game was between Pat Beattie and Joan Parsons which was another absorbing game with Pat becoming the champion.  Once again thanks to the markers, who without, we would have great difficulty in staging these competitions.
The round-robin mixed pairs the Inaugural Cup was played on Monday 22nd and Friday 26th February during lovely sunny days. Twenty pairs took part playing three games of maximum eight ends each day.
The first day the leaders were Alan and Pat Deacon, closely followed by Roy and Patsy Tonkin and in third place Colin Wright and Pat Beattie, all winning their three games.
The second day was played on the newly refurbished green which athough was a little slippery in places was playing well. The eventual clear winners were Alan and Pat Deacon with second and third separated by shot difference putting Maureen and Norman Atkins in second place and Colin Wright and Pat Beattie third.
A wonderful final day had by all which Jim Pike expressed and gave thanks to Maureen Atkins and myself for the running of the competition. I was then delighted in introducing a founder member of our club, Dorothy Webber, lovingly called ‘Dot’ to present the prizes and the cup which her and her late husband, Harry donated in 1997. It was great to see her so well and enjoying life to the full.
If you would like to read afull account of the above competitions please go to our web site bowlingalmeria.com or there is full reports of competions and monthly reports in the special folder in the club house.
I know there has been lots of discussion on the playing surfaces by ‘the experts’ and it is agreed that there are problems sometimes. However can I remind you that we are all very lucky to have the get up and go, most of us have fairly good health, playing bowls in mostly good weather and for most of us at our tender ages  should be appreciated  that we are still able  do this.
Whilst writing, none of this would happen if it wasn’t for the hard and dedicated work done by Les Pratchett and Jim Pike. Try thanking them and not continually moaning about the greens.
Now that off my chest, have a nice day and I will return at the end of March for the next report.

Vic Parsons
ALBC Press Officer

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