2015 Millennium Open Mixed Triples – Report & Photos

 2015 Millennium Report  pdf  Copy
The Millennium Trophy has had several changes of format over the years since it’s inauguration in year 2000. It began with ‘Millennium Invitation Rinks’ when three teams of ‘Fours’ were invited from all of our local bowling clubs to play a one day round –robin format competition. In those days clubs were a lot less populated and reasonably easy to implement without upsetting other members who weren’t invited as one of the three teams. Times have also changed to allow the current one day format of Open Mixed Triples round robin, two groups with the winners and runners up playing against each other giving prizes to the first four teams. 
On a cold and windy 6th April the winners in Group 1 were from Indalo B.C. Richard and Lois Swaine with Fred Hudson with 22 points. Runners up the Almeria team, Wayne and Carol Roberts and Bryan Hughes with 20 points decided by shot difference.
Group 2 winners from Mojacar Bowling Club, Derek and Barbara Weeks and Tony Geary with 19 points. Runners up were a Cabrera Bowling Club, team, Ian and Janet Jackson with Doreen Sands, also with 19 points but a lower shot difference.
The Final was played to a high standard with tight heads. The game did not reflect the final score of 12-4. So much so, considering the winning team from Mojacar B.C. were 11-0 up on the forth end. Well done Derek’s team for winning their first open competition since the inauguration of their club last year. We must mention Richard’s team from Indalo B.C. for the fight back performance.
The game for third and fourth place was a close game with Almeria B.C winning 9-6 against Cabrera B.C. All in all it was nice to see all local bowling clubs having a slice of the cake !!!!
A personal thank you from me to Colin Wright who in my absence run the competition for the day. Our captain John Fitzgerald echoed these thanks, together with thanks to yours truly for preparing all paperwork and team gathering. I was grateful to Bryan Hughes who took the photographs.  This  report and photographs will be found on our website www.bowlingalmeria.com
Vic Parsons Press Officer & Deputy Chairman
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