Almeria Bowling Green & Surrounding Improvements

Hi All 

I know this has been previously sent to you, however the extra work with removing edging tiles and covering with carpet, carried out by John Fitzgerald, Bryan Hughes and Ron Lloyd required additional photographs taken by Bryan and of course many thanks to them for carrying  out this dedicated work.

For those ornithologists  amongst us and worried about the birds nests being preserved (see photographs) I am reliably informed by Jim Pike the first brood of five babies in each nest have been hatched and flying about, waiting for the second brood to be born. They will of course get stronger and wait  with their parents to help feed them when hatched. Short time after when they are  fit and strong enough they return home to Africa .


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9 Responses

  1. Sandra and Chris says:

    Well done Vic for the photos and to all the people that helped with the work.

  2. Shelagh and Dave says:

    Looks wonderful well done to all cannot wait to get back to see it,
    She and Dave

  3. Ken viv says:

    Looks terrific,looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.
    Really well done everyone

  4. Well done to all, we send our best wishes and see you soon xx

  5. John& Linda says:

    Looks great looking forward to seeing you all in Dec
    Thank you guys for all the hard work

  6. Sandra Brown says:

    Hi Vic.
    Thanks for the update but I was not aware we had moved to LANCING!!!!!!

  7. Ken & Ruth Richardson says:

    Great to see it all looking so good. See you all early September. Cheers, Ken

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