2015 CALB Hong Kong Pairs Final

Report and  Photographs by Di Saunders


 Indalo Bowling Club – 2nd September 2015  

The heat was intense as was the bowling.  This was a really good final where the lead changed hands many times. 

The finalists:- John Fitzgerald and Chris Ewer from ABC Bowling Club against Sue and John Mannell from Indalo Bowling Club gave the many spectators a fantastic final.

There was never more than 2 shots between each pair throughout the match and this final came right down to the last end where the winners were decided upon a measure.  John and Chris were in the lead at 14 with John and Sue going into the last end on 12.  John and Sue were holding with one shot, then John Fitzgerald knocked his opponents bowl in for a measure for two, on the measure on the final end the second bowl was not in and John and Chris won the match 14 to 13.

Brilliant final well done John and Chris.

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5 Responses

  1. Shelagh and Dave says:

    well done to all sounds a really good game.

  2. Reg Birmingham says:

    Thanks Vic
    John and Chris have had a good Summer. 3 weeks today and we will be back in our van. I have 3 club finals to play and then we leave for France and then on to Los Gallardos.

  3. Reg Birmingham says:

    I have noticed that the time that comes up with the post is wrong. It does not matter much but the time of my post was 3rd September 06.48

    I know you like to have things right Vic

    Good health to You and Joan, best wishes Reg

  4. Lorna says:

    Great result guys and well done.

  5. Allan Deacon says:

    Well done John and Chris, an excellent win for Almaria BC.
    Allan and Pat

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