2010 October Monthly Report

Welcome back the Snowbirds and trust you all had a great time wherever you were. The Sunseekers had a satisfying summer season with the normal summer competitions taking place.  The Eleanor McCraw drawn pair’s winners were Jennie Thompson and Alan Terry. Runners up, John Mannall and Terry Rodgers. Winners of Reliant Trophy, Chris Ewer, John and Eileen Pheonix beating Carol Roberts, Rod Digweed and Alan Terry. Thanks go to Jim Pike, John and Sue Mannall for ensuring the smooth running of the competitions.

As most of you are aware, the sad news is that our problem green died again at the start of the summer. This is a disappointment for all members and especially Jim and Les who have worked so hard. We now have a new machine brought Jim back from UK  and paid out of  our funds. This is for making holes to enable the green to breathe and irrigate. It has been used by Les and Jim continually through September and this month in preparation of top laying of peat and fertiliser. On Friday 22nd   thanks to an enthusiatic team of seventeen volunteer members who took part in completing the task of top laying very successfully. I know without stating the obvious that we all hope and pray the green will grow and be playable by start of the New Year and stay alive.

The month started with three visiting friendly matches with Birstal,Rovers and Selbourne  Bowling Clubs.When most of the members available had a minimum of two games where results were favourable to ALBC. As we have always said results are not that important  as long as everyone enjoyed the day, which was truly the case.

The first competitive club competition was the Non Winners Singles Cup played on 11thand 13th  with the final taking place on Saturday 16th October. The standard was very good ending with a superb final between Wayne Roberts and Eddie Donley. Eddie, becoming the 2010 champion. This was   fully reported and published in the Sol Times, Costa del Almeria and posted on our website www.bowlingalmeria.com  and www.bowlinginspain.com 

I know most of you appreciate my work  bringing the above competition reports to the public and to your attention through the various methods of local press and our website. However, sometimes the press who receive identical reports and photgraphs sent to them do not report them the same way. Sometimes it culimnates them in publishing an incorrect or confusing phograph of winners and runners up .This occurred with the Sol Times when reporting the Non Winners Trophy. After talking with the editor I hope it doesn’t occur again.

Our annual get together competition, Welcome Trophy, was played on 29th October. This year it was elected by most members to have a pm start. On completion of a very enjoyable afternoon there was a choice of very tasty Curry and Rice or Fish and Chips to have with our after game drinks. Although we do not put a lot of significance on the results, the Sunseekers showed the Snowbirds the way, albeit the Snowbirds giving the Sunseekers some good players to make the teams even!!! Also one team retired on the sixteenth end when the Snowbirds team were well ahead. – Meow!!!!!! Well done John, Sue Mannall and Ron Eden for winning the top rink.

Alan Beattie sadly passed away in the summer and t was nice to see Pat back for a few weeks break sorting her affairs and enjoying several games of bowls. This year we have had a great deal of members with health problems. Fortunately most have come out of it reasonably well and we trust it will continue that way.  A special mention to Ray Herrity, who has had a tiring summer with treatment for his throat cancer.   Siobhan now has Ray home and waiting hopefully, as we are, for a positive result on 2nd December.

That’s the news for this month so please enjoy the packed bowling fixture list for November.


Vic Parsons

ALBC Press Officer

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