2010 Joe McCraw Two Wood Singles

This well supported two wood singles knockout competition started on Monday 8th November, with the preliminary and the two part first round matches taking place throughout the day. This is played as the title suggests with two woods and only the winning shots within one metre count. The object of the exercise is to gain and advantage over twenty-one shots. In simple terms a winning player requires to gain eleven shots. If after reaching the twenty-first end the advantage has not been reached, the player with the wining total wins. If scores are tied at this point an extra end is played to determine the winner.
Friday the 13th November the Quarterfinals and Semi-finals and Finals were reached. This was a wonderful sunny day with lots of the favourites not going through to the Semi-finals.
The first Semi featured our Captain Jim Pike and John Fitzgerald. This was very close, nip and tuck affair up until the sixteenth end, when scores were level at 9-9. The next end stayed the same as no shots were scored. John then took the two required shots to win the contest. 
Norman Atkins and John Compton were in the other Semi-Final. Again, this was another close game, with both players at their best. Norman took the lead on the fifteenth end, finishing strong, reaching the required 11 shots to win on the nineteenth end.

Because the format of this competition most players were able to play lots of games on the same day. Therefore we were able to complete the competition staging the Quarters, Semis and Final on this day.

The Final was a no mercy situation, with John Fitzgerald putting on the pressure winning the competition comfortably in spite of some superb shots from Norman Atkins. 

Once again it was good to see so many members supporting the club, watching all rounds of the competition together and thanks go to the many markers who helped make this event so successful.

Whilst writing a mention of this very popular competition was made during the 2008 AGM.  It was proposed that the format be changed to the two wood metre singles be played over 21 ends, again with only shots within on metre to count.  Unfortunately a combination of administration problems and bad memory didn’t allow this to happen. However after prolonged discussion with lots of members it seems that most members enjoyed the current format.To ensure that the popular decision is made I have been informed another proposalI will be presented during the AGM on the 9th December.

Once again thanks for all members taking part, markers and the enthusiatic supporters that watched some exciting games.


Vic Parsons

ALBC Press Officer

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