2010 November Report


The winter seaon well and truly began this month with most members returning from UK and our usual amount of regular visiting temporary members all joining forces and playing lots of bowls.

On November 2nd the first of the six new CALB 11 a Side competitions commenced. This was developed as a simular competition to the old Federation ‘Division of Honour’ the difference being that eleven players made up the team instead ten. The eleven would be split into disciplines of two separate Men and Ladies Singles played on two sets of nine ends, Pairs, Triples and Fours. Again it was played on a home and away basis. The difference here is that instead of one home and away team in each club, depending on the membership level there could be more than one team playing and these were additionally split into groups. To date, in one group we are the leaders and another group we are second in the respective leagues.

 The first ALBC club competition of the month on the 8th and 13th was the Joe McCraw Two Wood singles which was very well supported.This is played as the title suggests with two woods and only the winning shots within one metre count. The object of the exercise is to gain and advantage over twenty-one shots. In simple terms a winning player requires to gain eleven shots.     The standard of play was good throughout the competition, culminating in a final with John Fitzgerald putting on the pressure winning the competition comfortably in spite of some superb shots from Norman Atkins. 

Arthur Pinn Drawn Pairs played on Monday 15th and 19th with the final on Saturday afternoon of the 20th. Once again the support for this competition was very good with forty-two members going into the draw.  Througout the competition the quality of bowls played were excellent.The scene was set for the unpredictable final between Colin Wright partnered by new bowler John Batson against Tony Mullen and Chris Ewer. It was supported by lots of members looking forward to this contest. Although Colin and John fought hard, Tony and Chris were in no mood to give their opposition any mercy. Both Colin and John had some superb shots; however Chris and Tony were consistent in their endeavor to win which they did comfortably.  Peggy Pinn, the wife of Arthur, who this competition is dedicated too, kindly presented the Shield to the winners.

On 29th the Palace Cup Handicap Singles commenced and because of our busy fixture list will not be completed until 10th December.

The Wednesday Triples League and Frank Sharpe Drawn Fours are going well. The first Ladies Charity Triples after a mix up with fixture dates was played on the 26th November, home against Cabrera B.C. Honours were even after this eventful and enjoyable afternoon.

Thanks to Jim, Colin and yours truly fighting the committee, the CALB Singles and Pairs Finals will now be played in March allowing many more members who return to UK in April, the original date, to take part

On the 9th of December the new look AGM plus day will take place. Unfortunately as you are aware Joan and yours truly won’t be there. However have a good day with the roll up in the morning, having a quick break, and then conducting the AGM early afternoon culminating in the 2010 prizegiving for club competitions. I trust you will enjoy your finalists photos included in the envelope containg the cash prizes. This new arrangement is a trial run to encourage more members to attend the AGM, instead of the customry lack of support from those members living off camp. A decision for future arrangements will be judged on the success of this this year’s event.

I recently telephoned Ray and Siobhan Herrity to check on Ray’s health. Siobhan was very please and trusting things will be good after Ray appointment with his specialist on 2nd December. Siobhan told me an amusing story (as she would)  about the concientious way she has been wishing all the various members well who have and are having health problems. She has attended the local church lighting candles for them on a regular basis. The Paster had a word with her complaining in the nicest possible way that she was burning the bottom of the statue. All she hopes now is that no one else has problems!!!   

 I am sure you will wish all the best for La Mata B.C. in them finding a satisfactory conclusion enabling them to play bowls, after their bad news that the owners have given them the push from end of December. Finally, athough I am not in Spain during December be sure that a monthly report will still be done.  Don’t forget that full reports on the above will be found in Costa de Almeria and Sol Times and on our website. www.bowlingalmeria.com  and  www.bowlinginspain.com   


Vic Parsons – ALBC Press Officer

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