2011 Parsons Trophy and Jackson Cup Report Ladies and Men’s Pairs


 The entries for these competitions were not as good as expected, considering the numbers of members we now boast. However seven ladies and twelve men’s pairs took part over three days in the indifferent weather coditions, mainly very cold with a smattering of sunshine to complete a very good competition.


The men commenced the competitiom on Monday morning the 24th January battling their first round, followed by the ladies in the afternoon. Friday morning on 28th the mens quarter finals took place. This then left the both men and ladies semi finals to be played in the afternoon and finals on Saturday 29th played at 1400.


The first men’s semi-final between Dave Allen, Tony Mullen against Allan Deacon, Ken Sykes. Allan and Ken took the first end but couldn’t maintain that eary lead with Dave and Tony winning comfortably.  The second semi-final was a close game between two historically very good pairs, Colin Wright. Roy Tonkin versus Jim Pike, Terry Rodgers. The game continued with the lead changing constantly with Jim and Terry leading by a shot on the seventeenth end. Unfortunately for them on the last end Colin and Roy did the business by taking three shots to win.


The ladies first semi-final was   a little disapointing for Ann Mason, and Rona Hendry who could not match the game play of Shelagh Allen, and Cath Patrick who destroyed them to win comfortably.  The second semi-final was Maureen Atkins, Patsy Tonkin playing Sue Mannall, and Thelma Gamble. This was another one way game for Maureen and Patsy who inspite of the standard of play given by Sue and Thelma showed their quality and won easily.


Both the Ladies and Men’s finals were very close supported by an enthusiastic number of members.


In the Men’s final it was  nip and tuck until the sixteenth end when Dave and Tony were one shot ahead, only for Colin and Roy to fight back on the last two ends, but were unable to maintain this as Dave and Tony who put fresh names on Trophy by winning by two shots.


A simular game was played in the Ladies Final when on the twelth end Shelagh and Cath lost the lead to Maureen and Patsy who took six shots, then followed by two more shots on the next end. Unfotunately they were unable to substain this pressure and didn’t score any further with Cath and Shelagh taking a well deserved win to take the championship.


Please don’t forget that the above competition reports and photographs will be found on our website www.bowlingalmeria.com and www.bowlinginspain.com


Vic Parsons

ALBC Press Officer


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