October report 2006

Oh what a busy lizzy couple of months we’ve had, has it been chaos? Yes but a most enjoyable chaos.

First saw the arrival of the visitors from Cheshunt, 6 Rinks, a lovely set of people and very noble in defeat.

Saturday 16th Sept and the rise to fame of one of our more recent acquisitions from the Albox region. Namely Alan Terry who must have had a good summer and ended it by winning the Reliant Trophy, beating Jim Anderson in a great Final. Well done to everyone who made this competition so successful. I understood that the first prize was a Reliant car and the second prize was two Reliant cars.

Saturday 16th Sept was also the day when we said Goodbye to our ‘Scottie’

a very sad occasion but very well attended and well executed.

I feel sure that his family, on returning to England were well pleased and contented to know that their Dad would remain amongst


Sept 18th and who is the name on every-bodies lips? Why its Alan Terry again this time accompanied by Brian Lovett (another Alboxonian).

This time lifting the Eleanor McGraw Pairs from the clutches of Alan Pritchard and Terry Rodgers (19-9) incidentally Gordon Scott would have been one of the original qualifiers.

This was also a very sad day for everyone and especially Eleanor, as we also said Farewell to Joe McGraw, even though Joe hadn’t bowled much in the last few years most of the bowlers knew him well. Joe also provided the trophy for the Joe McGraw two wood singles which we play for every year.

Friday of the same week and here we are with visitors once again this time through Personal touch. 6 Rinks are the requirements, which we fulfilled but then the visitors arrived with 8 rinks, (Blame it on the Computer) They were very understanding (Thank goodness) Thanks Jim Pike for a great job in looking after them.(and beating them)

Kwick Travel and Camberly BC in the same week were also noble in defeat.

Oct 10th & 11th were very busy days, The non-winners cup to be fought for,

And what a fight!

Three hard games on the first day to reach the semi final, then semi and final on Wednesday.

Battle royal really began when the first semi got under way with Glennis Atkinson wielding the Big stick against Brian Tidswell and charging into a commanding lead 11-6, then 13-9, Brian then closed the gap to take the lead for the first time at 17-14 then 17-15, then 19-15 . We thought it was all over, Not on your life! Two more shots for Glennis and once again its Game-on at 19-17.The atmosphere is electric! Then Brian switched the lights out with two great shots to win the game 21-17. An excellent game to watch, well done!

The second semi-final, though not quite as exciting, gave the spectators oodles of oo’s and ah’s with near misses by both Ray Herrity and Ray Wolverson but the outcome was inevitable, everyone knew that Ray would eventually win, but which Ray? Well it was the taller of the two who finally saw 21 points on his side of the score card, I think that some smoke from somewhere got into the smaller ones eyes. A well played semi-final.

The Final was another Nip and Tucker 1-1, 4-3, 8-7, 16-8, 16-13,19-13,

19-16.The Man in front all the game was Ray Wolverson who finally clinched the game with two shots at the last end. Another superb game of bowls.

Twelve months ago Ray & Val Wolverson were taking their first lessons from Norman Atkins,(what a good coach we have).

Val could also have been in the final if she hadn’t come up against her husband in a earlier round. Incidentally where is Val? Nobody has seen her since that day? Ray says she’s in England,!

Oh! Bye the way in case anyone’s interested, The sunseekers won.

That’s all for now folks.

PS I will be putting out a four or five page report on the Miraflores Pairs later this month.

PPS Thanks everyone for your wonderful support in keeping our happy band of bowlers,Happy.

On behalf of Vic and myself may I extend a very warm welcome to all our new bowlers.(Stick with it you’ll get there)

Your captain of vice Joe Pemberton

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