2012 Palace Cup Handicap Report & Photographs

The penultimate competition of 2012, the Palace Cup Handicap Cup was very much a disappointment with only 25 members taking part. A team of Jim Pike, John Fitzgerald and Sue Mannall decided the level of individual player’s handicap, which is dependent on current skill sets. Three days were required to complete the competition, starting on Monday 5th   continuing on Friday 9th and ending with the Final on Saturday afternoon of 10th November.
The first Semi- Final between Roy Tonkin and Ken Sykes was a close game, which commenced with Roy taking the upper hand after eight ends. Ken then fought back with scoring three shots on each of the next two ends, however he was unable to sustain it and although Roy wasn’t allowed to steam ahead, he did enough to win the game.
The second Semi-Final was between John Fitzgerald who in the previous round seemed unstoppable, but started slowly against Chris Ewer. Chris was six shots ahead on the ninth end. John then renewed his challenge and went ahead on the eighteenth end by two shots. This looked good for John, but Chris wasn’t going to let it happen and over the next five ends scored enough to complete the win.
The Final between Roy and Chris on paper was going to be an epic, however, Chris after his exceptional play in previous rounds just did not turn up and Roy continued his excellent play and won comfortably.
The quality of bowls was superb by most players throughout and produced many exciting games for the many supporters watching. Thanks go to the markers who without, the competition could not happen. Also Sue Mannall for taking and sending me the photographs and score cards.

Vic Parsons
ALBC Press Officer


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