2013 Appleby Vase & Dyer Cup Report & Photographs


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(Club Men’s and Ladies Single Championships)

The Dyer Cup and the Appleby Vase,  Men and Ladies Singles respectively, commenced on a sunny and windy  day of  Friday 1st and continued until  Final’s day on 4th February. The winner in the Appleby Vase was Jane Franklin over Patsy Tonkin and Chris Ewer in the Dyer Cup over Roy Tonkin.

Appleby Vase Final – Jane continued with her current playing performance, however, Patsy who played reasonably well couldn’t match Jane’s onslaught.

Dyer Cup Final – This proved to be an exciting game with both players on form. Scores level on the sixth end, 6-6, followed with a nip and tuck game until it was level again on the eighteenth end at 15-15. Unfortunately for Roy he couldn’t get off this score giving Chris a win by six points.

Ladies first Semi-Final – Patsy Tonkin v Sylvia Pritchard. This was a tremendous game with both ladies on form. Scores were level on the tenth end when the real battle began. On the fourteenth end, Patsy pressurized Sylvia going five shots ahead. A great effort from Sylvia brought this level again on the eighteenth end at 14-14, also taking another two shots on the next end. Patsy however was not going to relax and didn’t allow Sylvia to score any more shots, winning by five shot.

The other ladies Semi- final was between Jane Franklin and Viv Sykes. Jane was in a fighting mood making it hard for Viv who usually leads the way, but today Jane wasn’t going to let it happen, winning fairly comfortably

The men’s first Semi-final was between Wayne Roberts and Roy Tonkin. Wayne started in a very positive manner, but slowed down on the tenth end. Roy then began to pressurize Wayne by steadily forging ahead. Wayne then scored a single and four shots consecutively going into the lead by one shot. Roy then regained the lead on the next end, level on the twenty-first end at 16-16; unfortunately Wayne was unable to win any more ends with Roy winning by five shots.

The second Semi-final between John Mannall and Chris Ewer found Chris on a high and John who had been playing so well in previous rounds found it difficult to find that form again with Chris winning well.

All in all the four day’s went well, with the excellent standard of play by all. Colin Wright our Captain thanked everyone who had played and supported the various games. Also the markers, who without, we couldn’t hold this competition. He also thanked Jim and yours truly for supporting him setting up the rinks and administration. This report with photographs will be found on our website. www.bowlingalmeria.com

Vic Parsons

ABC Press Officer

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