2013 Lions Charity Bowls & Barbeque


Vera and District Lions Club Charity Bowls and Barbeque.

                  Camping Los Gallardos 4th July 2013

On Thursday 4th July this event took place at Camping Los Gallardos. The role of the Vera and District lions Club is to help local charities and other deserving causes in this area. To these ends, a few weeks before, the Events Co-ordinator, Keith Porter had several meetings with the management, Jim Pike, Sue Mannall and myself  to organise the day.

The day was a tremendous success starting with our members showing the Lions non bowlers the general idea of ‘how to bowl a wood’ some of these were fairly new bowlers themselves. Jim was very impressed with everyone’s dedication to the cause and after about an hour, refreshments were taken. A fun game was then played between the Lion’s and Almeria bowlers. Before this a ‘Spider’ was played. (All players delivering a bowl at the same time with the object of getting near to the ‘jack’ placed in the centre of the green)  A collection was made which started the charity fund with 60 euro going into the coffers. A few Lions were so impressed they ask to join us as members

On completion of this everyone retired to the bar patio and enjoyed the excellent barbeque and a refreshments. During this there were lots of stalls and competition games to visit, bolstering the charity funds reaching a total of 500 euros.

Keith and his colleagues were very impressed with the day making the hard work to organise, very worth it. Jim was so proud of our members and would like to thank them and all those helping him, especially Sue Mannall who was a total brick helping making things happen. He also would like to thank the bar staff and John Lodge, our entertainment manager, for the amazing support given.

What a wonderful day

Vic Parsons



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