2014 Spring Handicap Triples

This new ‘Club’ competition commenced on 6th January and was played on Monday afternoons apart from Tuesday 25th February and ended on 3rd March. During that period of nine planned dates, the best six individual total scores was totted up. These were then drawn into two triples to play in the Final on 6th March.

The competition was played to similar rules to the Frank Sharpe, apart from, the score will count if ten ends have been played if inclement weather stops the game. Other changes are when a dead end occurs, the jack is placed on the T. Finally, Skips are drawn at the start of the game.

The Final six successful members were the Winners, Graham Patrick, Wayne Roberts and Ken Sykes who were drawn to play John Fitzgerald, Mike Hendry and Catherine Patrick.

Grahams team started well scoring five shots on the forth end and then the game took on nip and tuck situation being level on the tenth and twelfth end at 9-9 and 10-10. Unfortunately for John Fitzgerald’s team were unable to score any more shots with Graham’s team winning comfortably.

Thanks go to our Captain, Colin Wright and Vice-Captain, John Fitzgerald for running the competition. Colin then presented the Trophy to the winners and Allan Deacon was kind enough to take the photographs.

Vic Parsons –  ALBC Press Officer

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  1. Wayne. Roberts says:

    The bloke on the right didn’t get his name on the photo as he didn’t do much in the final anyway he he just kidding Ken.

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