2014 ABC Drawn Mixed Triples

The  ABC Drawn Triples  commenced with the Preliminary round in the morning of 7th March and the first round/quarter finals in the afternoon. The Semi-Finals and Final taking place on Monday 10th.  The entries were not as good as in the past with thirty players, ten teams, taking part.This competition is traditionally very competitive, with some teams, favourite to progress to the Semi-finals, didn’t make it.

The winners were the team, Allen Deacon, Graham Clough and Eileen Phoenix defeating a very good team of Chris Ewer, Sylvia Pritchard and Sandra Bain

To reach this stage in one of the Semi-Final Allen’s team beat Graham Patrick, Ken Richardson and Siobhan Herrity. This wasn’t easy for Allen’s team as although they took charge for ten ends, Graham’s team started to fight for the last eight ends only losing by two shots.

Chris’s team, in the other Semi-Final conquered the tough team of Roy Tonkin, Terry Rodgers and Viv Sykes. In this game, Chris’s team pressurizing Roy’s Team throughout not letting them get ahead at any stage.

The Final on paper was going to be a great competitive game. Chris Ewer’s tam against Allen Deacon’s. Unfortunately for Chris, Sylvia and Sandra, Allen, Graham and Eileen were on fire to win the championship comfortably.

Yours truly thanked the players who had taken part in this competition together with all the spectators who had come to watch and then presented the winners with the ALBC Trophy.  This report and photographs will be found on our website, www.bowlingalmeria.com

Vic Parsons   –   ALBC Press Officer

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