2009 Palace Cup

The last club competition of 2009 was again well supported with thirty-six members taking part, each being awarded a handicap dependant on current skill sets. Again three days were required to complete the competition, starting on 30th November, with the preliminaries, reaching the semi –finals and final stage on Friday the 11th December.
These were between Mike Hendry a very competent new bowler against Patsy Tonkin, the other involved two very experienced bowlers, Colin Wright and John Compton. Both of these games looked on paper to be very competitive. However Both Mike and John didn’t have the best days with Patsy and Colin making the final convincingly.
The final on Friday afternoon watched by lots of our members, eagerly waited to see good game. They weren’t disappointed.
As Colin played off scratch he gave Patsy two shots to start. Patsy stormed off and was leading by six shots on the eighth end and gave Colin some anxiety as he was not playing as well as we are use to seeing him perform. However, although both Patsy and Colin continued to play superb bowls, on the sixteenth end scores were even after Colin took four shots. Colin then chipped away and with another four shots on the eighteenth end won on the twenty-second end. Well done to both for giving us the game we were expecting.
Yours truly thanked the spectators for their support and the many markers involved during the three days and for Roy Tonkin marking the final in spite of not feeling too well.

Vic Parsons
ALBC Press Officer

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