January Report 2007

Greetings fellow Bowlers! Here we are already well into 2007 and everything ticking along like clockwork (well nearly).

Firstly I’ll complete the competition report from last year which was The Joe Mc Graw singles, our last competition of 2006.

This is a competition with a difference because, it’s played with only two bowls, only shots within a metre of the jack can be counted, maximum 18 ends and the first to get an advantage over 21 shots, ie. 13-8,12-9 or 11-10.is the winner. Different!! Sound a little strange? Maybe that’s the reason that I managed to win it. Strange or not we had a couple of great days and some very surprising results.

Ian Brewster was runner-up, overcoming Roy Tonkin in one final and I just got the better of Brian Lovett in the other semi final.

We had 32 entries which we managed to complete over two lovely days.

With the weather being so nice we bowled on Boxing Day and had a great turnout.

Some people enjoy jumping into ice cold rivers on New Years Day but being a coward I prefer to bowl in the sunshine, which I did, together with quite a few of our friends from Cabrera B C and a large contingent from ALBC. Excellent!

The Frank Sharpe is going well and everyone has now slipped into the routine of Tuesday roll-ups, well done.

We have formed a new selection committee and we intend to include some of our new experienced bowlers, together with the tried and tested ones, in federation games against the other clubs. We can now boast of having 44 federation members to pick from so we are looking forward to great things in the future.

ALBC Drawn fours knock-out!

It’s always amazing to see the teams that emerge from a random draw and also the results.

Forty four entries, new bowlers, old bowlers, tall bowlers, and short bowlers, and some novices.

We started on Thurs afternoon and played the final on Sat at 2pm, once again close games right up to the final which was between Ian Brewster, Eddie Abrahams, Terry Rodgers, Pat Harrison versus Peter Burton, Norma Pemberton, Joan Naish, Viv Digweed.

Ian Brewster’s team was victorious in front of about thirty cheering spectators. Well done.

The question is: should novice bowlers enter drawn competitions? Some say no, I say yes, because, lets face it folks we are not playing for the town hall clock and it’s got to be a super way of improving their game. Incidentally, three of the finalists were novice bowlers!!!

The Los Gallardos Trophy

This is an Annual event sponsored by Anthony and Shirley Jackson and is usually well supported and was again this year. We had 16 teams of fours, playing a round robin format over two days, three twelve end games each day.

It saddens me to have to report that the eventual winners were David and Margaret Schofield with Terry and Cicely Pickers, beating Martin and Josie Gee with Janet Lawrence and Trevor Priaux.

The winners from Cabrera and the runners-up from La Mata, I don’t think its fair coming up here and walking off with our prize money. Well done all of you. We’ll get you next year.

Jan 13th & Jan 15th La Marina club came to play against us and we spent two enjoyable days showing them the art of bowling on a ’Crown Green’ We enjoyed the two days so much that we intend to give them a chance to instruct us in the art of carpet bowling by organizing a return visit as early as can be arranged.

Jan 20th The final of the drawn triples between Peter Steenstrup, Malcolm McDonald and new bowler Kirsty Henderson, versus Tony Mullen, Eddie Abrahams and Arthur Pinn. The eventual victors being Mr.Steenstrup’s trio, 19-15.

That’s all for now folks. See you at the Andalucian Championships, if it ever stops raining!

Captain Joe Pemberton

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