2014 ABC Drawn Rinks

 November – Thursday 6th2pm Friday 7th10am & 2pm  Sat 8th2pm (Final)

                         Match Fees 3.0 Euro

                     World Bowls Laws will apply

 Please ensure you can play on all dates and a possible two games in one day.    Teams drawn on the 28rd October by:- J.Fitsgerald/C Fitzgerald/J Pike/C Wright

1)    C Wright/J Fitzgerald/H Dodds/J Phoenix

2)    C Fitzgerald/V Parsons/M O’Hara/L Steenstrup

3)    C Taylor/K Sykes/S Brown/S Herrity

4)  G Atkinson/P Tonkin/T Rodgers/V Syke

5)    R Birmingham/J Burgess/S Allen/J Pike

6)    S Pritchard/B Lincoln/G Patrick/C Patrick

7)    L Burgess/D Brannon/R Tonkin/J O’Hara

8)    C Ewer/K Sephton/R Dougal/J Parsons

9)     C Brown/B Hughes/P Steenstrup/EPhoenix

Preliminary RoundThursday 6th November2pm                             Quarter FinalFriday 7th November   10am Semi-FinalFriday 8th November2pm Final Saturday  9th November 2pm
C.Wright (1) v C.Fitzgerald (2)         
 C.Taylor (3)
 G.Atkinson (4)   
 R.Birmingham (5)
 S.Pritchard (6)        
  L.Burgess (7)
 C.Ewer (8)   
 C.Brown (9) 


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