2014 ABC Drawn Fours Report & Photos


ALBC Drawn Fours commenced with nine teams taking part in this knockout competition played over three days from the 6th November. The semi-finals were reached the next day, with the final played on Saturday afternoon of the 8th November. 

The Final was won by the team lead by Reg Birmingham, John Burgess, Shelagh Allen and Jim Pike against the gallant losers, Graham and Catherine Patrick, Brenda Lincoln with Sylvia Pritchard. Unfortunately Graham’s team could not compete with Reg and company on this occasion, although they were very strong in the early round. The main damage was done by Reg who appeared to be ‘walking on water’ ably supported by his team.

Losing Semi-finalist to the winners, Colin Wright, John Fitzgerald, Harry Dodds and John Phoenix who were arguably favorites to win the competition, but were unable to beat Reg’s team on the day.

The other losing Semi-finalist to the runners up were, Chris Ewer, Keith Sephton, Rod Dougal and Joan Parsons who were not able to keep up with the onslaught of Graham and team.

Your truly thanks the players and spectators for their support and then presented the Trophy to Reg Birmingham, John Burgess, Shelagh Allen and Jim Pike. Thanks to our Captain, Colin Wright for umpiring. Please don’t forget this report and photographs will be posted on our website www.bowlingalmeria.com 

Vic Parsons -Press Officer


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